The third heat of Melodifestivalen, the Swedish national selection, is right around the corner, and today, we continue our journey towards it with another interview! We are joined by Jaqcline, who is one of the 6 hopeful artists that will be competing for a ticket to the final on March 9th. We talked about her goals as an artist and performer, and her approach to the competition as a whole.

I’m glad to welcome Jaqcline to ESCUnited for an interview! How are you doing today?

I’m very good thank you. Hope you are too!

Now, Melfest is one of the biggest music events in Sweden, but as our readers may know, you are no stranger to big stages, as you competed in the Swedish Idol in 2021, just 3 years ago, finishing in second place! How does it feel to be back on a live competition on tv?

It feels amazing. I’m so happy to be on the big stage and sing again. When you said 3 years, I can’t even believe it. Time flies, and I have been busy working on my music and self-development.

What motivated you to submit an entry for Melfest? Has it always been a dream of yours, or is it something you only thought about more recently?

The answer you’re seeking is in your previous question, I quote: “It’s the biggest music event in Sweden.” Jokes aside, however, it’s the truth, and I want to participate in all scenes, from small venues to the biggest. I love this thing.

This always turns out to be a fun question, what is something our readers will be surprised to learn about you?

They will be surprised when they hear my unreleased songs 😉

We sure hope to be! And we have to talk a bit about Eurovision, which is hosted in Sweden this year! Do you have any special first memories of Eurovision? What would it mean for you to represent Sweden on home soil?

Not that I recall, to be honest. I’m here because I love my song, and to spread hope and put on the best performance possible. I don’t cash out any wins in advance, so it’s not something I’ve thought about at the moment.

The snippet to your entry ‘Efortless’ came out recently, what information can you share with us about it? Is it going to be similar to the style of songs we’ve seen you performing back on the Swedish Idol, or something completely different?

It’s a pop song that will fit in perfectly with the typical Melo-sound.

What can you tell us about your plans for the Melfest stage? What style of performance can we expect from you?

Let’s just say, that I won’t be sitting on a chair singing 😂

I’m very curious to see that! As we wrap up, where can our readers find you both before and after Melfest 2024? Feel free to plug in any upcoming projects as well!

I’ll perform in Dalhalla in August, like last year. And I’ll release music and hopefully tour around a bit. We’ll see how things turn out. Stay updated by following me on Instagram @jacqlinemoss

Fantastic! Last question – is there any message you’d want to share with the ESCUnited readers?

Yes, I do. Do the right thing for humanity and take care of each other

Thanks so much, Jaqcline, for sitting down for a short interview with us! We wish you the best of luck on the Melfest stage!

If #YOU want to support Jaqcline’s entry for Eurovision 2024, make sure you tune in to the 3rd heat of Melodifestivalen on Saturday, February 17th, and vote!

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