Dobra večer, everyone! Croatia are starting their search for Eurovision redemption tonight with their selection show, DORA 2024. The first heat will air starting at 20:25 on HRT, but before we get there, let’s take a moment to sit down and review tonight’s group?

Tonight’s semifinal is on paper the strongest of the two, which is for the better after last night’s shenanigans – we would like to be proven right for once, as opposed to being proven idiots. Can you do that, HRT, hmm yes? So IS SEMI 2  TRULY the better of the two? Let’s form a prayer circle after you’ve read our reviews, shall we?

Our panel of Croatia critics includes:

  • Here to bump up the scores, Boris Meersman
  • Here to bump down Boris’s high scores, Daniel Theophanous
  • Here to bump down everyone’s scores, David Popescu
  • Here to drunkedly reminisce over personal anecdotes, James Maude
  • Here to defend DORA on home soil, Jasmin Prišć
  • Here to serve as a voice of cromulence, Tyler Griffith
  • Here to serve as the voice of basic gays, Yehonatan Cohen

Due to the large size of Dora (24 songs is a LOT), we’ve decided to do matters a bit differently. Every editor was assigned a minimum of 12 songs to write a review about, which gives four write-ups for each song. Because there are only 7 editors reviewing, BorisJames and David reviewed more songs than the other four to plug in the gaps. So if you’re a fan of their critiques, you’re in luck – you’ll see them pop up a bit more often.

Each of our editors also provided every act with a score out of 10 regardless of whether they wrote about them or not, giving everyone a nice number out of 70. At the end of our reviews, we’ll post a ranking of every song in order, and tell you which eight (why are there eight qualifiers? supernova ass) we feel should advance to the final of DORA 2024 this Sunday.

But before we get cracking, our usual disclaimer:

The below editorial is the opinion of the author(s), and does not necessarily represent the views of ESC United as a whole and its staff members, and does not represent the views of anyone associated with the EBU and Eurovision. Every person that participated is aware of how they come across. They’d better be. ^_^

As we did yesterday, we will go down these according to running order. Tonight show is opened by a ballad:

01. Lu Dedic – “Plavi leptir”

Boris – 9.5 – “Pours one out for the music lovers out there. “Plavi leptir” is a gorgeous immersive ballad. It’s been a while since I last heard one in a national final and I’d forgotten how much I missed them. The harp and glockenspiel in in the verses are incredibly beautiful and create a vision of a mystical, underwater world full of magic and wonder, ready to be explored. The chorus then carries the same sense of awe with its slow percussion and siren-like vocals. Very Enya. The composers of this song understand how music works. Very, very well done on you, Lu. Bravo.”

James – 7 – “If butterflies weren’t aesthetically pleasing, they wouldn’t be used as a metaphor for emotional rebirth like in this song. Don’t moths and other insects that go from a crawling thing to a flying thing get to be metaphors in ballads with stirring strings and lush atmosphere? “Plavi leptir” probably works better as a mood piece than a Balkan entry for an international song contest.”

Jasmin – 7.5 – “From Lu I expect a fairytale on stage! This song feels so magical but also quite dark and gloomy. It’s a formula for the impactful performance. A bit deeper register suits this ballad perfectly and the chorus is giving some ethnic or medieval touch to the song. I hope the visuals will elevate this to become magical.”

Tyler – 7.5 – “A more downbeat song that I like? It’s more likely than you think! This is an example of a slower song that feels like it’s actually going somewhere even bigger and better. I enjoy how chill and relaxing the music is, even after it swells, and if the live performance has really good staging, I can see this doing very well in the national final. It might take a bit too long though to get going and the lyrics don’t really have a punch of memorability to me, I just think this song was neat, okay?”

Other votes: Daniel – 4.5 // David  – 3 // Yehonatan – 6 


Total Points received (70): 44.5
Highest Score: 9.5 (Boris)
Lowest Score: 3 (David)
Median: 7
Final Mark: B (64%)


02. James Night – “Nebo plače

Daniel – 3 – “I would say I have penchant for Slavic languages at Eurovision. Perhaps it reminds me of watching Eurovision in my childhood where countries like Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia were the new kids on the bloc. Sonically ‘Nebo Place’ sounds very similar to then, maybe more 80s as its heavy electronic, but the issue here for me is James’ vocal. Sorry to say, it’s rather weak and incredibly nasal and the song itself is rather monotonous and uninspiring.”

David – 4 – “Very promising style and sound, it’s alright cool in its own way. However, vocally I’m far from convinced, since it’s not quite convincing at any point, and the song is carried far more from it’s instrumentation. It’s not an overall bad composition, but it just feels weak.”

Jasmin – 7.5 – “At first I thought the song will keep the dark atmosphere from the beginning but it developed into an electropop banger. The chorus gives me throwback feelings to the Croatian dance music from the 90s. The constant “woah” hook helps the song become more memorable for non-Croatian listeners. I see a great potential for the effective lightshow a hopefully we will see some dancing on stage.”

Tyler – 8 – “Sometimes I’m in the mood for fun and upbeat bops and “Nebo plače” scratches that itch for me. The pacing of the song keeps me interested throughout and I find the intro be light and ethereal. “SVAKI DAN SVAKI DAN” is super catchy too and could make this fully Croatian-language song to be palatable to non-Slavic speakers. I hope the vocals in the live performance match up to the studio version and there is good staging here. This could be a good choice for Croatia to choose to stand out from the field, and it can qualify too”

Other votes: Boris – 7.5 // James – 7.5 // Yehonatan – 5.5


Total Points received (70): 43
Highest Score: 8 (Tyler)
Lowest Score: 3 (Daniel)
Median: 7.5
Final Mark: B- (61%)

03. Lara Demarin – “Ne vjerujem ti

Boris – 6 – “A fun downbeat club banger? How come I had no recollection of it until I sat down for a second listen? Well, turns out “Ne vjerujem ti” attempts to establishing a chill vibe and then violently undercuts it with AMERICANESS. lol <3 The sudden English rap break slices through Lara’s song like a katana through silk and it’s as funny as it is ruinous. It’s that’s exactly why it’s so difficult to remember the rest of the song – even now, having just finished it my memory of its melody is already starting to fade beyond the two rap breaks. It’s a funny combination in theory. In practice, it has very little impact beyond a minor laugh.”

Jasmin – 6 – “The intro misguided me for sure. I didn’t expect this to develop into the electropop song. The rap part comes out of nowhere and while it might not be my cup of tea, some people will appreciate the change of pace. I don’t have a clear vision for this one on stage so I’m curious what they’ll do.”

Tyler – 7 – “Okay, I wasn’t really feeling “Ne vjerujem ti” at first. The beat and the tempo of the song was a bit slow and mid, but something you could at least tap your foot to. Then the English rap part came in, and it was so jarring that it caught my interest back into the song, and the song started changing too! Better beat and it at least gets you dancing right before the second rap break that ends the song. I find Lara’s vocals to be a bit subdued overall though, but I think this song could be fun to see live. Overall really enjoyed this for keeping me on my toes and giving me something unexpected.”

Yehonatan – 4 – “This is the definition of mid, an ok ballad with a 2008 production at best, with random rap moments. It never really worked back then and I have a hard time thinking it will work now too. Especially given a pretty solid year of Dora.”

Other votes: Daniel – 4 // David – 5 // James – 4.5


Total Points received (70): 36.5
Highest Score: 7 (Tyler)
Lowest Score: 4 (Daniel, Yehonatan)
Median: 5
Final Mark: C- (52%)

04. Alen Đuras – “A Tamburitza Lullaby”

Daniel – 3 – “There is something very Aviici to this, but Croatian style. Such empty production and cheap lyrics, oh my! A song so devoid of any soul it makes me question whether it was written by an AI.”

David  – 8 – “Bloody hell! It’s one of those songs that sounds VERY familiar, but can’t quite put my finger on it. Anyhow, what a lovely and calm piece, giving a very pleasant feeling and enjoyment listening to it. I’m also getting those Mediterranean vibes, for sure a lullaby I’d love to fall asleep to. Probably my only little thing with it, is that it might be to slow and calm, and a bit lyrically, but still lovely in the end.

Yehonatan – 5.5 – “Wow these lyrics are something. Did chatGPT write them? That would explain a lot. Despite that, the song is pretty pleasant and have a sense of Avicii 2015 nostalgia to it. ”

Tyler – 7.5 – “I can’t help feeling that this song was from the early 2010s with its generic dance beat that reminds me of that style of music. I guess the novelty comes from the use of the tamburitza, but if it isn’t being showcased onstage then what’s the point? The lyrics don’t really mean anything to me and I suppose doing “La la la la lullaby” could be clever? I wasn’t offended by this song or anything, “A Tamburitza Lullaby” was mildly pleasant but already seems like a mid nothing song so this seems fine.”

Other votes: Boris – 6 // James – 5 // Jasmin – 7


Total Points received (70): 40
Highest Score: 8 (David)
Lowest Score: 3 (Daniel)
Median: 5.5
Final Mark:C+ (57%)

05. The Splitters – “Od kad te sanjam

David – 1 – “Very classic in style… and empty. I’m bored, so let’s just skip this.”

James – 9 – “A pleasant throwback to ‘90s alternative rock, sounding like it came in the post-grunge wave of bands like The O’Connells and Better Than Ezra. It is sweet, it is unpretentious, and it is beautifully arranged. A song for the mature adult at Eurovision should HRT wish to differentiate themselves from the pack this year.””

Jasmin – 7.5 – “I expected such a song from The Splitters. While I prefer their entry from last year “Lost and Found”, the build-up in this song is beautiful. An emotional love songs for couples I’d say. I expect simple performance from The Splitters and I have to give a public shout out to the backing vocalists from the band, they killed it.”

Tyler – 7.5 – “The Splitters were in Dora last year, and I honestly hated their song at the live performance (but could I tell you what “Lost and Found” sounded like? Nope!). With “Od kad te sanjam”, I…actually quite liked this more than I even expected. It felt like a Croatian U2 song, but you know, back when U2 was actually good. It gave me Oasis, it gave me that kind of indie rock that keeps me hooked on listening and not being able to focus on anything else. It grabbed my attention in a way that made me truly enjoy this song a lot! A very pleasant surprise for sure.”

Other votes: Boris – 5 // Daniel – 6 // Yehonatan – 5


Total Points received (70): 40.5
Highest Score: 9 (James)
Lowest Score: 1 (David)
Median: 6
Final Mark: C+  (58%)

06. Boris Štok – “Can We Talk”

Boris – 4 –  “You know I can’t resist talking about myself, so let’s talk about someone with my name – Unfortunately mr Štok here doesn’t deserve a name that translates as “fighter’s glory”. “Can we talk” is an insipid midtempo rock ballad that plods along, while he mild-manneredly asks his ex to talk to him. Dude, where is the CO 👏 MIT  👏  MENT instead of the CO 😕 MID 😕 MENT you’re serving. It’s lowkey giving Una Voce auditions.”

Daniel – 4.5 – “Here we go again with one more Coldplay copy/ paste. But dare I say, with a more accomplished and pleasing sounding vocal that Chris Martin’s. Boris undoubtably an accomplished singer, but one that is heavily reminiscent and replicated by other male vocals singing longing ballads the world over. A mediocre song at best, but kudos to Boris for delivering it well.”

David- 4 – ” The song has a message, and it’s one I can respect. Sadly, it’s so poorly shown. Lyrically, it’s so predictable and poor, which gives that message somehow less meaning. Composition wise, it’s quite enjoyable and well-polished, along with a very promising vocal. In the end, it’s a shame regarding the lyrics.”

James – 6 – ““It’s a lush song, no doubt. Particularly as we get into the outro with the strings and Boris’s vocals. Pity it’s about a guy doing some undignified last gasp begging for one more chance at a failed relationship. Sometimes there’s nothing left to say, and it’s best to walk away. I am sure there’s a market for this sort of Adult Contemporary ballad (it’s usually Estonia), but I doubt Malmo is one where it will succeed.”

Other votes: Jasmin – 7.5 // Tyler – 5 // Yehonatan – 6


Total Points received (70): 37
Highest Score: 7.5 (Jasmin)
Lowest Score: 4 (Boris, David)
Median: 5
Final Mark: C (53%)

07. Baby Lasagna – “Rim Tim Dagi Dim”

Boris – 10 –MEOW CAT PLEASE MEOW BACK. I- 😭😭 Baby Lasagna must bave missed the submission deadline because there’s no other reason to have this brilliant earworm listed as a last-minute wildcard addition, HRT!! (lol there’s plenty of reasons but i’m just going to conveniently ignore them) “Rim Dim Tagi Tim” kicks ass, period. “What if “Cha Cha Cha” was an English language rock song, and still slayed?“.That’s Baby Lasagna for you. Incredibly catchy melody, fun lyrics that are joy to sing along with and just the right dosage of humour but be a joke you can laugh with and not laugh at, and of course a gripping mental health narrative over a cheerful tune, locking his jaw into a broad smile as his mental fortress burns to a crisp out a crippling fear for adulting. This is so me-coded it hurts, how could I not give it full marks? I don’t trust Croatia in the slightest (especially after semi 1), but if this is any good live, it is THE choice for Eurovision. This is an entry that could put Croatia on the map again as a country to be taken SERIOUSLY at Eurovision. Don’t disappoint, Marko dear. Your country and spirit siblings (me) DEPEND ON YOU.”

Daniel – 7 – “Ok so… the hype from the Eurovision fandom around this song is real. This is a contender, there is no question about it. However not so fast baby pasta boy. I have a few qualms. The verse… beautiful. The bridge… love it. But the chorus feels a little on the lazy side. It takes matters into this generic rockier shouty vocal territory, when the rest of the song is bathed in such originality. Oh well!”

David – 9 – “Fuuuuck yeeeeeah boooooi!!! This is when music speaks to you! Welcome to the fucking Balkans! Just give me this on that bloody big stage, blow viewers away, be the one who get’s ALL the attention, purely for being this unique and original! I love me some actual aggressive music. The only minus, is that the song doesn’t have more of that insane beat 2 minutes in.”

Jasmin – 9.5 –  “This is an instant earworm and a banger Eurofans will love. The chorus carries a lot of power and the rock sound serves as a nice contrast to electropop arrangement in the rest of the song. While it may be considered as “not very serious entry” its message is more than relevant in Croatia. I like the verses and I see massive potential for staging this song. My expectations are huge and if everything goes according to plan, this could be a big comeback for Croatia.”

Other votes: James – 9.5 // Tyler – 8.5 // Yehonatan – 9 


Total Points received (70): 62.5
Highest Score: 10 (Boris)
Lowest Score: 7 (Daniel)
Final Mark: A+ (89%)

08. ET – “Pametnom dosta”

James – 3 – “Weak sauce Eurodance that is two decades out of date. Lyrically, it sounds like it’s about an emotionally unhinged woman complaining about boring, basic dudes. A simple fix, then. Don’t hook up with boring, basic dudes, and don’t yell about them on boring, basic dance tracks.””

Jasmin – 8.5 – “An absolute guilty pleasure of the whole National Final. As someone who grew up on ET music I can’t help myself but love this song. It immediately brings me back to my childhood and nights out with my high school friends. The chorus is so catchy, and even though the melody might seem a bit dated, but I don’t mind it one bit. I hope it will be a party on stage!”

Tyler – 5 – “Hmm, I like the vocals here in “Pametnom dosta” and the lyrics are nice and flow together well. But this song isn’t highly for how the music blends generic techno and annoying sounds that makes me want to turn the sound off instead. I don’t find the horns or the Crazy Frog sound effects to be pleasant, and I also think the ringtone and answering machine playback is overplayed and cliché at this point. Maybe the live performance won’t be as annoying so I would like it more, but currently, I do not wish to hear this again despite the positive qualities (vocals mostly and the lyrics are nice) I do enjoy here.”

Yehonatan – 9 – ” A trashy bop with oldschool production, a graspy vocal, and cringy melody, that’s all I need in life! Is it my favorite of this selection? Most likely. Does it belong on the Eurovision stage? Absolutely not, it will get crashed by both the televote and the juries. But I’m very happy to have this gem in the selection.”

Other votes: Boris – 7 // Daniel – 4 // David – 7


Total Points received (70): 43.5
Highest Score: 9 (Yehonatan)
Lowest Score: 3 (James)
Median: 7
Final Mark: B- (62%)

09. Vatra – “Slatke suze, gorka ljubav”

Boris – 8 – “The specific sound of “Slatke suze, gorka ljubav” is one that’s been around since the times of Mumford and Sons and Of Monsters and Men, and is hardly new. However, as far as “indie folk” songs such as these are concerned, this is a fun, wholesome composition that is surprisingly easy to sit through. “Slatke suze, gorka ljubav” won’t be starting any revolutions soon, but it’s a lovely and very catchy folk song that would be well received at the Eurovision.”

Jasmin – 9 – “I can’t be fully objective on this one either as I have been listening to Vatra for over a decade now. Their music always spoke to me and I could relate to the lyrics. “Slatke suze, gorka ljubav” is not an exception. The song is a bit different from their usual style and I’m happy for that. The chorus is super catchy and I know that Ivan is a great singer live. I just hope the concept will be more than just them performing as a band on stage.”

Tyler – 5.5 – “This was fine! I get a bit of Of Monsters and Men from the general musical notes and chords here. It’s fine to sort of emulate “Little Talks”, but I don’t get anything more than that makes me like “Slatke suze, gorka ljubav” on its own merits. The lyrics aren’t memorable enough to me and the vocals are okay for the most part. It’s a chill and nice song to listen to, but seems like an NQ.”

Yehonatan – 8 – “This is giving me ‘Hope’ vibes and I’m all here for it. A solid country banger that is very accessible for both the juries and the televote. It could easily stand out in a year with a lot of pop girls and boy ballads such as the one we’re building towards.”

Other votes: Daniel – 4 // David – 5 // James – 7


Total Points received (70): 46.5
Highest Score: 9 (Jasmin)
Lowest Score: 4 (Daniel)
Median: 7
Final Mark: B  (66%)

10. Damir Kedžo – “Voljena ženo”

Daniel – 4 – “A Balkan ballad heals the soul. It’s such a Eurovision staple or it use to be, as nowadays they are very few and far between. This ticks all the boxes of what a Balkan ballad should be: an incredible vocal, the drama, that something that makes it feel from that region… But ticking all the boxes doesn’t necessarily mean that something works, as ultimately Voljena ženo feels very much of its time. Good but dated”.

David – 3 – “Great to see Damir return, but for him, I have VERY high expectations, considering that “Divlji Vjetre” was my personal runner-up of 2020. His attempt now, seems very isolating and far from heart reaching as his 2020 song. I have no doubt that he can make something magnificent here, but it’s purely for himself. This time, I just don’t sense anything”

James – 10 – “I do admittedly have a lot of sympathy for Damir due to his being one of the Eurovision 2020 artists who was not selected to return in 2021. However, he has returned with something of a vengeance here, a powerhouse performance on a track about an affair with an emotionally unavailable or tangled woman. The emotional torment of Damir’s vocals is why Eurovision ballad connoisseurs keep coming back to the Balkans. They’re masters of the build, starting off as a slow piano ballad, then upping the tempo slightly and adding percussion, female backing vocals and electric guitars for a fireworks finish. “Voljena zeno” is a masterclass in Balkan balladry, and I hope Damir gets to bring it to Malmo.”

Yehonatan – 7.5 – “Damir is back yet another time, with an entry that resembles more of his 2020 song. Once again, he saves a pretty mid song with a great vocal performance, and in pretty much every other year I’d say he’s the sure winner of Dora, but the success of Let 3 (still trying to mentally recover form their entry) seems to have attracted some other names that might win this selection instead.”

Other votes: Boris – 5  // Jasmin – 8.5 // Tyler – 6


Total Points received (70): 44
Highest Score: 10 (James)
Lowest Score: 3 (David)
Median: 6
Final Mark: B- (63%)

11. Natalie Balmix – “Dijamanti” 

Boris – 8 –” Aside from the fact that “Balmix” is a funny surname (unless she chose it herself as a stagename. Which is even funnier) the Croatian “Dijamanti” is sweet midtempo pop song. It’s good, but I prefer the Serbian one (queer trio with prog metal yassss). “Dijamanti” throws you for a loop with a ballady-start featuring easy rhymes (brilijanti // dijamanti – which works because you don’t need to know Serbo-Croatian to understand it), and then pivots fully into Swiftian guitar pop. The strength of Dijamanti’s instrumentation lies in its use of screechy guitar riffs which evokes the idea that the diamonds Natalie sings about are rough and unpolished, on the way of becoming brilliants. It’s a clever little pop song that – regardless of whether it wins Dora or not-  could become a radio hit in former Yugoslavia. That such a song found its way in Dora means Croatia are working on improving themselves. Now fucking improve the soundmixing at Dora so this one can shine as brightly as it deserves to, pls.”

David – 3 – “It’s just a hunch, but I’m guessing the title of the song must be “Diamonds” in English. Anyhow, focus on the song, didn’t expect that style change early in the song, which fits it better. Vocally, I’m not a fan, since it’s not quite in control. Eventually, not much happens either, style remains the same and becomes boring quite fast”

Jasmin – 8 – “This song nicely showcases modern musical trends in the Balkan music scene. I like the playful parts of the instrumental and powerful vocal provided by Natalie during the chorus. I hope the performance for this song will be bombastic, a song like this deserves it.”

Yehonatan – 8 – “This is hands down the most modern song in Dora this year. If Croatia wants to select a pop entry, there’s no question, this is by far their best chances to succeed with one. Natalia brings a very underrepresented sub genre in Eurovision that is very popular in the world at the moment, and that will get Croatia a certain ticket to the Eurovision final once again. ”

Other votes: Daniel – 7 // James – 5.5 // Tyler – 6.5


Total Points received (70): 46
Highest Score: 8 (Boris, Jasmin, Yehonatan)
Lowest Score: 3
Median: 7
Final Mark: B  (66%)

12. Marcela – “Gasoline” 

Boris – 9 –COME AND SEEEEET ME ON FIIIIIIIIIRE. You have to ask why the Dutch don’t write crackin’ bangers like these for their own entrants but can be bothered to do them for fodder entrants in Croatia. “Gasoline” is my fave girlbanger of the NF season. It follows the tried-and-true “Take One Me” template (affectionate):  Excellent modernist synthwave riffs that feel timeless, functionally stupid lyrics that are fun to sing along with, spitfire percussion you can’t resist bopping to for a beat. Absolute top shelf uptempo banger material, and one of the very acceptable back-up choices if Croatia opt to pass on Baby Lasagna.”

Daniel – 4 – “I was getting Ellie Goulding vibes at first. So, I venture into this with some hopes of pop belter. A promising good vocal, but then it doesn’t take long for one to realise we are working with some pretty basic lyrics here. And then there’s music… which unfortunately takes a downturn, as it swiftly enters into this generic fast-paced Scandi sounding pop song. I do have to say, that Marcella looks remarkable like Loreen. Anyone else agree?”

James – 3  – “Sorry Marcela, gasoline burns at 1,950 degrees Celsius, not 1,000,001 degrees. Quite a big difference. Either way, this Scandi-influenced pop song doesn’t really raise my temperature much, especially with its terrible lyrics. Why she would show herself writing these lyrics in a notebook on a train in the music video beggars belief, unless she was writing down advertisement slogans she saw on billboards on the way. Sorry, but I am going to turn the fire hose on this one.”

Tyler – 6.5 – “Love the 80s-esque beats and musical style–always love a good throwback that consistently sounds good. The pacing of the lyrics to me is a little off, as if the focus is on keeping the syllable count consistent between lines than rhymes. Which is fine, but leaves a lot of hanging prepositions that sounds awkward to me. I do think the staging here has potential to be a lot of fun, but “Gasoline” feels a bit too awkward for me to get fully behind it right now.”

Other votes: David  – 5 // Jasmin – 8.5 // Yehonatan – 7 


Total Points received (70):
Highest Score: 9 (Boris)
Lowest Score: 3 (James)
Median: 6.5
Final Mark: B- 61%)

That concludes our Croatia reviews! It’s been a long marathon, 24 songs in, but don’t worry. We’ll be doing Serbia next week, which is a whopping 28 songs. Have fun organizing that James, you have my sympathies.

Anyway, here’s the comprehensive voting chart + ranking which displays who our favourites were. I couldn’t tell you who won, it was like SOOO close:

Yeah, I think it’s pretty clear, no? Baby Lasagna clearly wins our editor poll, with a gargantuan average of 89% (even Luktelk only got 88%) being our choice for Croatia at Eurovision. Eugen’s Tisine finishes in a clear second place, with Vatra, Pavel and Natalie Balmix rounding out our top five. Damir Kedzo, winner of Dora 2020, finishes in a decent 8th place overall. Meri Andrakovic of Bye Bye Blonde fame (“breaking the heart of a perfect stranger, in love with danger, she’s Sierra Dawn Anglim“) finishes 9th with her group ET. Let3 remain in last place (sorry Severina!).

As far as tonight’s qualifiers go, the four acts from tonight’s heat that scored the fewest points from our panel are Lara Demarin (52%), Boris Stok (53%), Alen Duras (57%) and the Splitters (58%). So at this early stage we think the other eight have stronger songs and deserve to advance to Sunday’s final, lives pending of course which can turn the ranking right on its head.

I’ve hope you’ve enjoyed this ranking. We’ll be back for you tomorrow when we review Portugal’s first semi and Iceland’s second semi, and next week when we drop the second part of Portugal as well as all of  Serbia.

Do #YOU agree with our winner? Who do #YOU want to see represent Croatia in Eurovision? Let us know in the comments or join the discussion on social media, at our forum or in our discord!


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