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Latvia: The Blood Moon Has Risen for Samanta Tina

Rotterdam, 11 May 2021 Get ready for a Pa-ra-ra-pa-Parade from Latvia. Samanta Tina has (finally) made it to Eurovision, where she’s just completed her first rehearsal. Country: Latvia (#LVA) Act: Samanta Tina Song: “The moon is rising” Semifinal: Second (20/05/2021) Position in Running Order: 15/17 Latvia showed a surprising lack of variation. Samanta is dressed in a frilly green dress, her …

Latvia: Samanta Tina releases her 2021 Eurovision entry “The Moon Is Rising”

The moon is rising tonight for Latvia! Samanta Tina just released her Eurovision entry. The song got revealed after the last episode of her five-part documentary “Kā uzvarēt Eirovīzijā? Samantas Tīnas ceļš uz Roterdamu”. However, for the people who couldn’t watch the documentary on Latvian television, the song premiered on Samanta’s personal YouTube Channel and on the official Eurovision YouTube Channel. …

Latvia: A BLOOD MOON IS RISING for Latvia on 12 March!

Riga, 9 March 2021 Latvia’s representative, Samanta Tina (stage name of Samanta Polakova) just published a planned premiere on her youtube channel. Her Eurovision single, “Moon is rising”, is set to premiere next Friday, at 20:30 CET. [embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9wBRhiWR04[/embedyt] For the past few weeks, Samanta has been appearing in an LTV-exclusive web documentary about her upcoming Eurovision entry, called “Kā …

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