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Italy: The 70th edition of Sanremo ends and Diodato is announced the winner!

Italy’s Sanremo Music Festival is one of the oldest song festivals in the world, and this year it celebrated it’s 70th birthday. Sanremo is an important part of Eurovision’s history, as the festival and it’s great success served as an inspiration to the very first Eurovision Song Contest in 1956. The festival itself can be a behemoth to endure if …

Italy: Sanremo 2020 artists announced

If we go 70 years back in time, there was a time where the Eurovision Song Contest didn’t exist, indeed a shocking thought. On the other hand, it was the rise of the Sanremo song festival, the competition that inspired our beloved Eurovision Song Contest. Sanremo 2020 2020 marks the 70th year anniversary for Festival di Sanremo, and this competition …

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