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Lisbon LIVE – Denmark, Russia and Moldova reviews (Day 3)

[AdSense-B] The second batch of rehearsals today certainly saw some big performances as Denmark, Russia and Moldova took to the stage! If #YOU missed out on the live stream from earlier, this can be found below, but we have also provided some short reviews below! DENMARK – Rasmussen – Higher Ground If you’ve watched the performance from the Danish selection, …

The ESC United “Expert” Panel 2018 – Denmark

[AdSense-B] It’s almost time to review Denmark’s entry, but we must first stop off with Greece’s entry. What did #YOU think of the mysterious “Oniro Mou”? SerRusLena (Forum) – “I hope that this song qualifies because I think it sound so beautiful.” tsegaye (Forum) – “Omg, with these clips with the backing vocalists I feel confident that this will be …

Denmark: Rasmussen The Viking Will Travel To Lisbon!

As we say in Denmark, Godaften Europa! Tonight was the grand final of Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2018. [AdSense-B] The show was hosted by the same lovely couple from last year, Annette Heick & Johannes Nymark. Together, they opened the show by telling us the history of the Eurovision Song Contest. We all know it by now very well, but you never …

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