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Belgium: Eurosong to have a fifteen person jury, including past contestants and… NikkieTutorials.

Brussels, 2 January 2023 The new year has begun and Belgium’s resolution appears to be: “leave nothing to chance”. VRT have announced their plans of including a professional jury during their national final, Eurosong. The Flemish national broadcaster have been keeping their cards close to their chest, only offering new information piecemeal. The inclusion of a professional jury (previously rumoured …

NikkieTutorials spills the Eurovision tea in new YouTube video

NikkieTutorials, or Nikkie de Jager as many now know her, has shared her experiences co-hosting the Eurovision Song Contest in a new video, uploaded to her popular YouTube channel. The Dutch make up YouTuber and presenter detailed much of her back-stage experience at the contest, sharing her joy at being asked to host the contest and detailing her love for …

Eurovision 2021: Nikkie de Jager to join as fourth main host

Nikkie de Jager (NikkieTutorials) has confirmed she has been upgraded to a main presenter of Eurovision 2021 in Rotterdam in her latest YouTube video. The video, in which the beauty vlogger discusses her year and her predictions for 2021, she discusses the contest and her feelings on her involvement as the online host of Eurovision 2020. “I’ve always dreamt about …

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