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Eurovision 2013 “Alternative Awards” – Best/Worst Key Changes

We’re back with the Eurovision 2013 ‘Alternative Awards’, where we judge the best and worst aspects of all the nations’ entries on a truly random (and sometimes downright silly) array of stuff. Every couple of days we will introduce some new awards, including the best and worst and the runners up. These are one person’s opinion, the author’s (Sebastien), and of …

Key Changes in ESC – A Eurovision strategy?

What components make up a memorable and successful Eurovision Song Contest entry?  In the recent era of Eurovision, there have been a number of strategies entries have utilized, including: –        Wind machines (France 2012; Denmark 2010) –        On-stage costume changes (Croatia 2011; Latvia 2002; Netherlands 2000) –        Drag queens (Denmark 2007; Ukraine 2007; Slovenia 2002) –        Break dancers (almost every …

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