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Eurovision 2018: Top 10 – Best Notes

All 43 songs of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest are available online for your listening pleasure. There is a lot of talent with great vocals and it’s only fair to highlight some of these fantastic singers. What makes a “great note” is in many ways subjective; it can be a high note, something with a lot of power or great …

Georgia: Iriao to sing “Sheni Gulistvis”

[AdSense-B] The Georgian national broadcaster GPB has confirmed today that the Georgian entry for Lisbon is being recorded, and we have a title for the bilingual entry – “Sheni Gulistvis”! Roughly translating as “For You”, the jazz ensemble Iriao are utilising a live orchestra for the recording of the Georgian song. The release date for the entry has not been …

Georgia: 2017 Ending With The Group “IRIAO” Going To Lisbon!

As we’re all about to enter a new year, then there was still time left for 1 more big news. With few hours left of 2017, the Georgian national broadcaster (GBP) announced who will be flying the Georgian flag in Lisbon. [AdSense-B] The group goes under the name “IRIAO“, and the band consists of 7 members, they are Davit Malazonia, Davit …

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