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UK’s Sam Ryder drops a clue to Subwoolfer’s identity

It’s been over a week since the Eurovision 2022 finale, and we’re still left in the dark about Norway’s intergalactic wolves’ true identity. However, Sam Ryder may have dropped the next hint about the potential identity of one of the wolves. And it’s not Ylvis! During a Magic Breakfast interview with Ronan Keating and Harriet Scott, Sam Ryder claims to …

Achievement Unlocked: ‘WHAT DOES THE WOLF EAT?’ – Subwoolfer WIN Norway’s MGP!

Oslo, 19 February 2022 It’s been decided! Norway have finally picked their entrant for Eurovision! Lupine sensation Subwoolfer, the favourites before the finale aired managed to fulfill the expecations and won MGP. However, the competition bared its teeth along the way. For the past few weeks, Norway have been whittling down their coterie of hopefuls via pointless and long-winded duels. …

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