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Essai is getting ready for new album

Essaï Altounian as part of group Genealogy has represented Armenia last year in Vienna. Last year when he visited Armenia with the rest of the group he fell in love in his country of origin and has decided to make a project dedicated to Armenia. Project Armenia consists of three parts. Part one The Album is all about festive and melodic songs …

Armenia: Mary-Jean O’Doherty Joins The Line-Up

5/6 of the Armenian supergroup, Genealogy, have now been officially announced by the Armenian National Broadcaster, ARMTV. The latest member to be announced is the Australian branch of the group has been named as Mary-Jean O’Doherty Vasmatzian. Mary-Jean is a soprano singer, who has taken to many stages across the world performing with her “crystal clear voice”. Born in Texas, USA, …

Armenia: Stephanie Topalian Joins Genealogy

Today ARMTV have announced the fourth member of Genealogy, Stephanie Topalian, is the Asian branch of the Armenian super-group. Topalian will join Essaï Altounian (European), Tamar Kaprelian (American), and Vahe Tilbian (African). The remaining two members will be announced in due course. Stephanie Topalian lives in Tokyo, Japan, and has became a well-known musical name there. Topalian has won a number of awards …

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