Essaï Altounian as part of group Genealogy has represented Armenia last year in Vienna.
Last year when he visited Armenia with the rest of the group he fell in love in his country of origin and has decided to make a project dedicated to Armenia.

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Project Armenia consists of three parts.
Part one The Album is all about festive and melodic songs in Armenian that interpret heritage, blending the traditional Armenian instruments through a contemporary pop production. Many traditional instruments like the Duduk, the Kaval, the Peloul, the Tar and the Zournaand were used for making the songs so it will be more than interesting to hear them in mix with modern arangements.

Second part is a special music video that is going to be filmed in Armenia this May, showing the beautiful landscapes and rich culture of the country. The video will be based on one of the songs from the album, inspired by ancient Armenian style, culture and traditions.

Last part is The Show is planned to immerse with the viewer through 3D video projections and film effects, mixed with beautiful ballet dancing, flamboyant and colorful costumes, and an orchestra incorporating live themes from the album Armenia.

Regarding the project Essai said:

“I’ve put a piece of Armenia in each project that I did during my career. Now, I want to share the Armenian culture to the world, I want everyone to know about us and I think that the most powerful way to connect to people is MUSIC. It’s not an Armenian project, it’s a universal project from ARMENIA.”

You can also check his video message.

There was also a fund raising campaign for the Armenia project and Essai has reached the pledge, but it is open for two more weeks and if you would like to support him you can do it here and you can also hear two of the songs from the album.

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