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Kaliopi and Serhat tour around Europe

We now know all the songs, and it’s up to the representatives to go around Europe to promote their entries. Macedonian diva Kaliopi is really busy these days as she is touring the Balkan countries to promote her song Dona. On her tour she will visit Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Slovenia and Croatia. Kaliopi will also perform at pre Eurovision …

Macedonia: Kaliopi presents us “Dona”

Tonight we saw the presentation of the Macedonian entry and Kaliopi’s song “Dona”, a trully emotional track. Kaliopi also served as the host of her show along with popular tv faces Aleksandra & Marko.   During the show many young and aspiring singers, that shot their glory from several regional singing competitions, performed Kaliopi’s songs in duets with her. There …

Kaliopi will sing Dona

As you already know, Kaliopi will once again represent Macedonia, four years after her last participation when she sang Crno i Belo.   Kaliopi will present her song Dona on March 7th in a special show that will air on MRT at 20.15 CET. She wrote the lyrics, while Romeo Grill composed the song and did the arrangement. People who …

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