Tonight we saw the presentation of the Macedonian entry and Kaliopi’s song “Dona”, a trully emotional track.
Kaliopi also served as the host of her show along with popular tv faces Aleksandra & Marko.



During the show many young and aspiring singers, that shot their glory from several regional singing competitions, performed Kaliopi’s songs in duets with her.

There was also a big surprise for Kaliopi.
Thirteen representatives that will compete this year sent a message to wish all the best to Kaliopi and her team.
Amir, Dami Im, Poli Genova, ManuElla, Ivan, Minus One, Deen & Dalal, Freddie, Jamie Lee, Greta Salome, Rykka, Zoe and Serhat took some time and recorded their messages.

In the end of the show, Romeo gave Kaliopi a gift.
First copy of her promo CD for Eurovision. That meant that it was time for us to hear her entry “Dona” and if you’ve missed it here it is.

Just to jog your memory, this is Kaliopi’s second time to participate in Eurovision. Last time it was in 2012. with Crno i belo (Black and white) when she ended up 13th. Do you think she can top that and maybe even bring Macedonia their first top ten score, or maybe a win? Let us know. Share your thoughts with us!

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  1. Triakes Román

    March 8, 2016 at 00:08

    Any new about FYR Macedonia? Ok, let’s see how many Greeks are commenting.

  2. Nancy Sampanidou

    March 7, 2016 at 23:14

    Please try to be correct. It is FYROM. …

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