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It’s been decided, Loreen has won Eurovision 2023!

After a fantastic and long night here in Liverpool, we’ve learned who would succeed Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra as the new winner of Eurovision and owner of the 2023 Crystal Microphone. As a reminder, the full running order for tonight’s show was: 🇦🇹 Austria 🇵🇹 Portugal 🇨🇭Switzerland 🇵🇱 Poland 🇷🇸 Serbia 🇫🇷 France 🇨🇾 Cyprus 🇪🇸 Spain 🇸🇪Sweden 🇦🇱Albania 🇮🇹 Italy 🇪🇪 Estonia 🇫🇮Finland 🇨🇿 Czech Republic  🇦🇺 Australia 🇧🇪Belgium 🇦🇲 Armenia 🇲🇩 Moldova …

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