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Ed Sheeran Adds Rosa Linn to 2023 Mathematics Tour as Billboard Hot 100 Ascent Continues

Iceland’s brand of Eurovision Mathematics may be trigonometry, but for Armenia it’s addition, as Rosa Linn has been included on part of British pop star Ed Sheeran’s 2023 Mathematics Tour and her Eurovision 2022 entry “Snap” continues its climb up the Billboard Hot 100 charts. For a fifth week, Armenia’s entry for Eurovision 2022, Rosa Linn’s “Snap,” is still hanging …

United States Billboard Hot 100: Måneskin remains in Top 40, Duncan Laurence now 16 weeks in

For Eurovision fans this summer, many have taken to refreshing the Billboard Hot 100 every Tuesday to see if Måneskin’s “Beggin'” and Duncan Laurence’s “Arcade” still remains on the chart. And this week, the answer to both is yes as Måneskin’s “Beggin'” dropped slightly from its peak of 35 last week to Number 38 this week, remaining inside the all-important …

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