It’s just 11 days till the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin, Italy! Connor speaks to the Norwegian representatives Subwoolfer after their first rehearsals in Turin. In his interview, he talked about how Subwoolfer handle the Eurovision experience as the biggest band from the galaxy, why they decided Norway to be the host of their song and how Keith and Jim met. Check out our interview in the video below!

About Subwoolfer

Subwoolfer, the biggest band in the galaxy, got together 4.5 billion years ago on their home planet… the Moon.

Since then, Keith and Jim have conquered the music scene on every other planet, making them the most successful pop group ever… so they tell us.On Sunday 20 July, 1969, a prophet named Neil appeared to them, and was soon hailed as ‘the man with the strongest arms’. He promised to return telling them he would help them become the biggest band on his planet, too; but only once they had written the greatest song in the universe, sung in his native tongue, English.

Neil never returned. However, they found DJ Astronaut. And now, armed with the greatest song in existence, Give That Wolf a Banana, they have come to earth to claim their musical throne by performing at the most important and prestigious musical event in the history of the world: the Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

Subwoolfer will perform their Eurovision 2022 song Give That Wolf a Banana in the the first semi-final on 10th of May. They’ll perform as 16th during the night.

What do #YOU think of Subwoolfer and their song “Give That Wolf a Banana ?” Let us know in the comments, on social media or on our forum HERE. Alternatively, join the discussion on our Discord HERE

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