Tonight sees Spain decide on a wildcard performer for the final of Objetivo Eurovisión, the highly anticipated Spanish selection for Kiev. And TVE have served us up with three treats, none of which would look out of place in the final of the show itself. So perhaps we can expect big things from the other finalists? We sure hope so!

Our editors took time out of their busy schedules to check out the entries and we have had our say on who should go through – what do you think?

Sean’s ranking:

  1. LeKlein – Ouch! – “She clearly is a graduate of the Softengine School of Songwriting
    but this is the most modern, catchy and interesting of the three and
    would be a deserved finalist in Spain’s selection, if not the overall
  2. Fruela – Live It Up – “Another X Factor UK hopeful taking a shot in their own country.
    While taking hints from SeeB’s Mike Posner remix in the chorus, the song
    will have to rely on a strong live performance to make it pop. Certainly
    a better output than most recent Spanish entries.”
  3. Javian – No Somos Héroes – “Something doesn’t sit right with me about this entry and Javian
    seems to be an odd fit for such a song. It’s catchy but does
    nothing for me, rather forgettable.”

Ferdi’s ranking:

  1. Javian – No Somos Héroes – “This sounds very good and catchy – it’s good fun to listen to it! I’m also loving the music video with all these children. And the Spanish is a big plus. #MakeSpainSpanishAgain!”
  2. Fruela – Live It Up – “What do I say here? It’s nice but nothing more. Really middle of the road. I listened to the song this morning but forgot it already.”
  3. LeKlein – Ouch! – “At least it’s memorable but not in a good way. The music itself is decent but not spectacular at all. A really big minus is Leklein’s performance: I feel like she sounds really emotionless at points. Sorry, fans, but I really don’t want this to go to Objectivo.”

Jake’s ranking:

  1. Javian – No Somos Héroes – “I like this, it’s fun. Really catchy and has a decent beat!”
  2. LeKlein – Ouch! – “This is good, I like it. Nothing original though.”
  3. Fruela – Live It Up – “Its a decent song, just lacks something. I don’t think it would do too well in Eurovision…”

Stefan’s ranking:

  1. Fruela – Live It Up – “Three words = A MA ZING. I just love it. It’s full of emotions, rhythm and good vibes.”
  2. Javian – No Somos Héroes – “Too much Ole for my taste. It has good vibes, but imo Eurovision is so over songs like this one.”
  3. LeKlein – Ouch! – “I have mixed feelings about it. It can go either way, but I really don’t see it winning wildcard.”

Fernando’s ranking:

  1. LeKlein – Ouch! – “Reminds me of P!nk. Would love to see Spain with a English song and I think LeKlein would be able to do a good performance in Kiev”
  2. Fruela – Live It Up – “It’s a good song however i don’t think it would do well in Eurovision.”
  3. Javian – No Somos Héroes – “Somehow this song reminds me of El Sueno de Morfeo. Lovely tune, typically Spanish but again I don’t think it would do well in Kiev”

Our verdict?

LeKlein – 10 points

Fruela – 10 points

Javian – 10 points

When points are allocated based on ranking it becomes a tie! But it seems that we have a preference for LeKlein or Javian as our absolute favourites to get the wildcard spot tonight! Fingers crossed Spain can make a strong decision for themselves tonight!

Do you agree with us? Share what #YOU think below or on our forum!

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