After two semi-finals and a grand final of the revived Benidorm Festival, we finally have a winner and the name of the artist that will represent the Spanish colors in Turin, Italy.

Benidorm Fest 2022

Before we look into the results, let’s have a quick look at how we got to this point. We have to rewind time back all the way to July 2021, when the Spanish national broadcaster (RTVE), decided to hold a press conference in the city of Benidorm. Here it was announced that the festival would be revived and would also be used to select the Spanish act for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest.

Now, let’s get back to the present, and after two semi-finals that were held, which featured a total of 13 songs, we now only had 8 songs left in the competition, with 4 acts qualifying from each of the two semi-finals.

These were the 8 finalists of the Spanish national final: (Order of Performance)

  1. Rayden – “Calle de la Llorería
  2. Tanxugueiras – ”Terra
  3. Varry Brava – ”Raffaella
  4. Chanel – ”SloMo
  5. Rigoberta Bandini – ”Ay Mamá
  6. Xeinn – ”Eco
  7. Gonzalo Hermida – ”Quién lo Diría
  8. Blanca Paloma – “Secreto de Agua

The final even featured a guest performance from the Spanish 2012 representative, Pastora Soler.


The results of the show would be found the same way, as how the results of the semi-finals were determined. The final outcome was split into 3 sections, which a professional jury being in charge of 50% of the outcome, a Demoscopic jury with 25% and the televote having the remaining 25% of the final outcome as well.

The professional jury were the first to announce their votes, and at the end of the first 50% of the final outcome, Chanel (51 points) could claim the lead with a 5 point margin over Rigoberta (46 points).

A surprise in the results would then turn out to be, that Tanxuguieras, who suffered a big loss of points from the professional jury, would go on to win both the televote and demoscopic vote, receiving max points from both groups, which would be 30 points from both group. Despite the big push, it just wasn’t enough after the professional jury had already pushed Chanel and Rigoberta too much ahead.

The top 3 would then end as following in the final: (Pro. jury vote + Demos. jury vote + Televote)

  1. Chanel – 96 Points in total (51 + 25 + 20)
  2. Rigoberta Bandini – 91 Points in total (46 + 20 +25)
  3. Tanxugueiras – 90 Points in total (30 + 30 + 30)

With that said, Chanel then clinched the victory after a rather close vote, and she now will have the honor of representing Spain in Turin, with her song “SloMo“.

What do #YOU think about the result? Was Chanel the one #YOU wanted and can she finally improve Spain’s poor track record from the past few years? As always, #YOU can voice your thoughts with us on our forum HERE or on our social media sites.

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