Tonight was it, Slovenia has held shows since late November and all the way until tonight, where everything would finally be decided. Before we get to that, let’s have a look at how we got here.

EMA 2022

It all started way back with EMA Freš, in late November. Here a lot of artists competed in order to secure only 4 spots with the remaining 16 pre-qualified artists for EMA. All of that concluded in mid-January, with now 20 acts selected to perform in the main show. Earlier in February, the 20 acts were separated into two semi-finals with 10 of them performing in each, and with 6 acts qualifying from each semi-final, resulting in the final consisting of 12 acts.

Those 12 acts competed tonight for the ticket to Torino: (In order of performance)

  1. Anabel – “Tendency”
  2. Stela Sofia – “Tu In Zdaj”
  3. Manouche – “Si Sama?”
  4. Leya Leanne – “Naked”
  5. BQL – “Maj”
  6. Gušti feat. Leyre – “Nova Romantika”
  7. July Jones – “Girls Can Do Anything”
  8. David Amaro – “Še Vedno Si Lepa”
  9. LPS – “Disko”
  10. Hauptman – “Sledim”
  11. Luma – “All In”
  12. Batista Cadillac – “Mim Pravil”


A combined jury and televote result would decide the winner, the results of the jury was revealed first. Here Batista Cadillac managed to place on top of the scoreboard, getting 50 points from the jury, with LPS following close with 43 points. From there, points got very grouped with Luma on 3rd with 33 points, and most of the remaining acts hanging right below.

No doubt that it would be up to the televote to decide the winner, and sure they did. Batista Cadillac boosted his lead by receiving 40 points from the televote. Unfortunately for him, with BQL and LPS still to receive the top two marks of the night, it was clear that he wouldn’t represent Slovenia in Turin.

BQL suffered once again from the jury, which they are probably used to by now. However, unlike their past attempts, they didn’t win with the televote this time, but instead LPS did, scoring the top mark of 60 points, and enough to secure the win. (Full results in the picture, in detail.)

LPS will now represent Slovenia in Turin with their song “Disko” in the first half of the first semi-final, which will take place on the 10th of May 2022. A long journey is ahead of the group, and if it hasn’t been long enough already, they also became the first act from EMA Freš to win the competition.

What do #YOU think about Slovenia’s chances of qualifying and what do #YOU think about Slovenia’s song this year? Share your thought with us on our forum HERE or on our social media pages.

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