We’ve passed the halfway point of the tape releases, and are now at the midway point of the second semi-final as well. We’ve learned that Australia and Cyprus have chosen not to release their live on tape performances publicly, so they join Netherlands, Moldova, Ukraine, Norway, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Czech Republic in this regard. Armenia’s tape was released publicly two days ago but has since been deleted from the YouTube channel.

Achille Lauro – Stripper (San Marino)

San Marino’s delegation had the entire staging concept figured out by the time of taping, as the performance is a small scale replica of what we saw in Turin last month. Of course there are some differences, namely the lack of LED walls and the eye motif, and Achille’s outfit had some small changes. For the taping he had a fully sheer bodysuit and a very noticeable underwear line.

In Turin, the delegation made black sheer bodysuit without shoulders which still translated the song and Achille’s essence of sensuality, but also made him appear more modest than in the taping. The one thing that was always part of the plan was the Red Bull – as it made an appearance at the exact same part of “Stripper” in the studio as it did at the contest.

Brooke Scullion – That’s Rich (Ireland)

One of the tapes with the most differences between Turin and studio is likely Ireland – who opted for a completely different staging concept. The concept was reused during an episode of the Late Late Show on April 29th, though the tape is certainly a grown-up and more complete version of the stage package.

For the taping, Brooke is in an all black one-piece cocktail dress, a stark contrast to the two-piece outfits she wore during the pre-party circuit and also in Turin. The overall choreography for both Brooke and her dancers though is a complete replica from Ireland to Turin.

If you sync up the tracks it also appears that the Turin version is a few beats per minute faster than the taped version, likely to leave more of an impact and also to shave off a few seconds for the Turin performance. The overall difference turns out to be rather small between the two, about a margin of 3 seconds total.

Andrea – Circles (North Macedonia)

Andrea’s performance between the tape and Turin has very little differences, with the main changes being the LED designs, and the staging being much more bright in Turin with a blue lighting motif. For the tape the design is a mainly black and white concept with swirls of light behind Andrea.

The performance in Turin also made a big departure from the tape, as the final chorus transitions from blue to orange to further brighten the stage. Andrea was also much less animated on the tape, likely because of the spotlights and dark concept MRT used during the taping process.

Assuming that the broadcasters have not pulled their on-tapes, we are set to receive Estonia, Romania, and Poland’s performances tomorrow. If any of these delegations have opted to not post, then Montengro or Belgium may make an appearance as well.

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