Despite all the trouble regarding Romania and it’s participation at the contest earlier this year, it would seem like that the country and the broadcaster (TVR), are all set on their upcoming participation in the United Kingdom. A new team has been appointed, and so we’ll take a small look at what it might mean.

Selecția Națională 2023

From the sounds of it, it pretty much looks like that Romania will once again stick with a national final for 2023. A few days ago, the board met at the headquarters in Iaşi, to approve the budget that will be spent of the country’s upcoming participation. This includes preparation for the national selection, the international competition, as well as the team that will be sent to the United Kingdom.

Mihai Predescu has been appointed as the new project manager for ESC 2023, who has declared the following:

  • We are a new team and we propose a different competition, based on transparency, professionalism and digital. We’ve changed the voting system, only the public will select the song that will represent Romania. Another thing, this Eurovision will be on air on TVR, and far more present than before in online media.

It appears that with this declaration, the national final will be subject to another big change within the voting system once again. Romania has always used a national final approach when it comes to the contest, but in very heavily varied ways, when it comes to selecting it’s representative.

Last year saw WRS being the winner of the national final, with a voting approach that heavily favored the selection of the juries. Back in 2018, the winner was in fact solely decided by the televote as well, but only in the final, while the semi-final results were solely by the juries. Whether there will be a twist to it all, remains to be seen.

The submission period will soon be opened as well, with further details to be announced as well. Another meeting is set to take place in Târgu-Mureș in November.

Earlier this year, WRS managed to qualify Romania to the final for the first time since 2017, where he ultimately finished 18th in the grand final in Turin, with the song “Llámame“.

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