The line just continues and continues, and you can only wonder who’s next. For now, that next person is no other than Remo Forrer from Switzerland, whom we found sitting around at this year’s Euroclub, which is held in Camp and Furnace in this year’s host city, Liverpool.

If you’re a fan of this year’s Swiss entry, we can reveal that Remo Forrer is talking about an accordion version of the song, but when will that be released and where can you find that? Well, that’s for #YOU to figure out in our interview of course.

But of course, we’d also like to hear what the young artist is like personally, especially when it comes to music, so what does he listen to and what would he listen to, and even further what music does he end up sharing with us?

Switzerland is one of the original seven countries who took part in the very first contest all the way back in 1956. Not only did the country take part, they even hosted and won it. It has however, been a very long time since their last victory, they have come close in the recent years, but can Remo Forrer at least keep Switzerland’s qualification streak ongoing?

About Remo Forrer

Remo Forrer is an up and coming young artist who originates from St. Gallen, Switzerland. He only recently came into the public eye, when he won the third season of The Voice Switzerland, back during the pandemic, which made the process rather complicated, but rewarding for the young artist.

He has also taken part in the German version of the music game show I Can See Your Voice, where he was also victorious. Since youth, he has had an interest in music, which started out with an accordion, before he moved on to the piano.

Switzerland has in recent years gone with an internal selection process, in order to select their entry for the contest, and so they did for 2023, which is how Remo Forrer got the honor of making the alpine country proud.

Do #YOU think that Remo Forrer can keep the country’s qualification streak going and what do #YOU think about his entry and performance of his song?
Let’s hear from #YOU on our forum site right HERE, or visit us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok and Discord.

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