While the Eurovision season is once again over for now, this is the perfect time to remind that there is also a Junior Eurovision season, which we are slowly getting into right now. In case you’ve forgotten, this year’s contest will be held in Nice, France.

Portugal in Junior Eurovision 2023

It is no secret, that the interest for the Junior edition is nowhere near the same as the adult version, but there are still some countries out there, who wish to showcase their young talent to Europe, and Portugal is one of those countries. Portugal returned to the junior version in 2017, after they finally secured their first ever victory in the adult version, and has participated every year since, with the exception of 2020, due to the pandemic.

For 2023, the country had decided to take the same path, when it came to selecting their artist, and tonight was the grand final of season 4 of The Voice Kids Portugal. In short, the winner of the show, would also get the honor of representing the country.

This method has been in use by Portugal since 2021(with the exception of 2022 due to an age restriction), and it has proven to be the worthy way of selecting their artist as well, since it has given Portugal their two best ever results, til date in the competition.

The final of the fourth season of The Voice Kids Portugal consisted of 5 young talents, after weeks of eliminating young dreams since start April, and in the end, the names that was announced as the winner was Júlia Machado.

However, important to point out, is that a song has not yet been picked, this will instead be done internally, and it is expected to be revealed during the Fall season this year. Until then, we can only wish this young singer the best of luck and that she’ll prepare a fantastic song and performance for everyone in Nice, France.

Until then, we can still enjoy the 2022 Portuguese performance by Nicolas Alves, who performed the song “Anos 70“. The young performer managed to finish in 8th place at the contest last year, when it was held in Yerevan, Armenia. This is Portugal’s first and only ever top 10 finish in the competition, which even scored a shared 4th place last year, with the online vote.

What do #YOU think about Júlia Machado as a singer and do #YOU believe she can come up with a hit for Portugal?
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Source(s): RTP.pt (In Portuguese)

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