About one week ago, we got presented 6 songs form the national broadcaster of North Macedonia (MRT), straight after people could vote online who they wanted to see in Turin, and now here one week later, we now know who will be representing North Macedonia in Turin, Italy.

Za Evrosong 2022

For 2022, North Macedonia had finally decided, to return to a national final format for the first time since 2015. MRT opened a submission period from 10th of December 2021 all the way until 16th of January 2022, in that period the broadcaster received a total of 47 songs, and in the end, only 6 could be picked for the national selection.

These acts were presented to the public on the 28th of January 2022 and from here, the public could vote for one of the six songs until today. These were the 6 songs competing for the ticket to Turin:

  • Andrea – “Circles”
  • Kaly – “Love and Light”
  • Lara Ivanova – “Flower of Sorrow”
  • Ris Flower – “Flying to Berlin”
  • Viktor Apostolovski – “Superman”
  • Yon Idy – “Dreams”


The results would then be presented in a short Eurovision special show, where the final outcome would be decided from the online public vote that had been open for the one week and an international jury.

The jury results were revealed first, where it was shown that Andrea had scored best with the juries, scoring first place with 3 out of 5 international jurors. Second place went to Lara and third to Viktor.

After a small break and a short flashback look to Tamara Todevska‘s amazing journey in Tel-Aviv in 2019, it was time for the online public results.

This time, Viktor came out victorious as he dominated the online voting, gathering a total of 12.621 votes, the only act to pass the 10.000 mark, on second place was Kaly with 7.539 votes and Andrea on third with exactly 4.300 votes. The amount of votes were then converted into points, with the winner scoring 12 points, 10 points to the runner-up and so on, classic Eurovision style of points.

The final results were as follow (jury + online vote = total):

  • Andrea – “Circles” – (12 + 8 = 20 points)
  • Viktor Apostolovski – “Superman” – (8 + 12 = 20)
  • Kaly – “Love and Light” – (6 + 10 = 16)
  • Lara Ivanova – “Flower of Sorrow” – (10 + 5 = 15)
  • Yon Idy – “Dreams” (7 + 7 = 14)
  • Ris Flower – “Flying to Berlin” (5 + 6 = 11)

As can be seen, it was a tie in the end, with both Andrea and Viktor finishing 20 points in total, but in the end, it was announced that the jury favorite would take the advantage giving Andrea the win in the end with her song “Circles“.

Now that North Macedonia has made their decision, what do #YOU think about “Circles” and can Andrea qualify for the big final in Turin? Pass by our forum HERE or our social media sites and tell us what #YOU think.

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