It’s time to say Bonjour to La Zarra, as the French-Canadian artist finally arrived in Liverpool, giving us the perfect opportunity to have a little talk together in-person. A women of glamour always make herself noticeable, so of course we noticed our chance to hear from her.

Despite the glamorous touch and style of La Zarra, she doesn’t hold back telling, that she’s a hard working lady with goals, who ain’t affraid to jump out and into a challenge. Maybe a diva on the outside, but no doubt, not on the inside.

She even has a caring heart, as she reveals her love and interest for some of this year’s artists as well. Which ones she likes, which has impressed her. There’s always something going on with this lady, as she also reveals she’s on a European tour even, so maybe it’s time to check if she’s in a city near #YOU?

France is one of the original seven countries who participated in the very first song contest, back in 1956, and the country enjoyed great success, with multiple victories. Unfortunately, the success has slipped by a long shot, by now, since the country hasn’t won since 1977. France almost won in 2021, but had to see themselves defeated, by finishing second.

Who is La Zarra?

As mentioned before, La Zarra is of Canadian origin, born in Montreal, with the birth name Fatima-Zahra Hafdi. As her birth name hints at, she is of Moroccan origins.

Her musical career would first start in 2016, when she released her debut single, in a collaboration with French rapper Niro. Since then her career has taken off, especially since 2021, when another one of her singles became a great radio hit. She has since released multiple singles, as well as her debut album, back in 2021.

In recent years, France has opted with a national final, but after a rather disappointing result last year, it was time to return to an internal selection. This is where French television spotted La Zarra and decided to give her the chance of representing the country in Liverpool, becoming only the second ever Canadian to represent France.

What do #YOU about La Zarra and her formidable style and more importantly, do #YOU think that her hard work is going to pay off?
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