“My Lonely Voice” beat out “Pages” in the Gold Duel of tonight’s Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix to advance to the Grand Final on February 20, 2021.

On the way to the Gold Duel, “Pages” beat “Alt det der”, while “My Lonely Voice” emerged victorious against “Circus”. The non-qualifying songs will have a second opportunity to return in the Second Chance round on February 15, 2021, for the last spot to the Grand Finale.

Duel One:

Marianne’s and Mikkel’s “Pages” advanced over Landeveiens Helter’s “Alt det der” in the first duel, with a cultural homage to the Sami people, full of captivating visuals and euro-pop moments.

Marianne and Mikkel bring more Sami representation to Norway’s MGP page, and they do so with style and pizzazz. The stage focused more on the ethereal elements of the song and brought contrasting colors. The staging was decorated with wonderful Sami graphics with an aurora-based color scheme. The pair had great chemistry and an interesting blurred section to the performance.

Source: escflare YouTube Channel

Landeveiens Helter brought their pop-folk entry with so much positive energy and good vibes. Each band member had their unique styling on full display and showed that their song is one of each complementing each other’s musicality. The staging was a bit more paired back with a bright green framing that transitioned to a more golden hue. The focus was most certainly on the singers and their feel-good song.

Source: escflare YouTube Channel

Duel Two:

In the second duel, KiiM’s “My Lonely Voice” beat out Royane’s “Circus” with a highly emotive and personal ballad.

KiiM delivers his visually stunning and emotionally charged ballad from a beautifully blue melancholic stage. The emotions were palpable and the imagery lush with the stage member escaping his cage. The song had a mystery and delicateness that really shone on the stage, and not to mention the impeccable notes that brought this song home to the hearts of Norwegians.

Source: escflare YouTube Channel

Royane brought the visuals to a whole new level. This was Cirque du Soleil meet New Orleans French Quarter with a bit of American Horror Story thrown in. This was a visual spectacle hitting on all those 19th-century circus freak show tropes. The song was filled with Latin-esque sex appeal and hypnotic moments. This song has to be proud of providing an absolutely incredible stage performance.

Source: escflare YouTube Channel

Tonight’s Pre-Qualified Artist:

Atle Pettersen’s pop anthem “World on Fire” was this evening’s live debut on the MGP stage, having debuted the song earlier this week. The 31-year-old from Skien shot to fame following his participation in Norway’s X-Factor back in 2010.

Atle has had a successful career, being extremely popular in Norway and having a steady stream of popular songs and albums released in the Scandinavian country over the last decade. He is ready to give MGP his best shot, having secured that automatic spot in the MGP final.

You can see his performance below:

Source: escflare YouTube Channel

Next week, the last four artists will battle in Semi-Final 5 and will feature a live performance by Rein Alexander and his automatic qualified song “Eyes Wide Open.” As mentioned previously, all the non-qualifiers from the five heats will have the chance to participate in a Second Chance weekend, with the last golden ticket up for grabs for the MGP Grand Final.

What do #YOU think of tonight’s performances? Is there an act #YOU felt was unfairly eliminated from MGP? Let us know in the comments below, in our forum, or on social media.

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