Yesterday we got the chance to connect with Utah’s Savannah Keyes for an interview, and today we got Massachusett’s Jared Lee! Together we talked about his pathway into music and songwriting, his favorite things about Massachusetts, and who he’d love to collaborate with from the ASC cast. Learn more about him and the hard questions we asked below!

Welcome to ESC United Jared, we’re so excited to be interviewing you today! For those who might not know you, why don’t you give us a quick introduction?

Hey everyone! I’m Jared Lee and I’m a singer, songwriter and producer representing the amazing state of Massachusetts. I’ve released many songs as an artists on major labels and independently and have had the incredible opportunity to write and produce song with/for some worlds top djs and international recording artists.

And you’ll be representing your home state of Massachusetts for the American Song Contest! How does it feel to represent Massachusetts on such a large stage?

It feels like an incredible honor. I’m so proud to be from Mass, and to have experienced so many of the things that the State has to offer. Its a special special place.

Many of readers may not know much about Massachusetts because they are from Europe or Australia. What are some of your favorite things that make it unique from the other states and territories in the US?

 Well, we are famous for many things- the accent you hear in the Boston movies like “Good Will Hunting” —- some “r’ become “ahhhs” lol. “Park your car” may sound like “paaaaaaahk youahhh caaaaah” I love incredible food options – the north end Italian district where every restaurant is good, we have arguably one of the best college/university destinations with many of the worlds top schools including the Berklee School of music, we have a unique and rich history with many notable things in american history taking place in mass, the people the spirit the championship winning  SPORTS TEAMS. 🙂  I could go on ha….

You’re right there’s a lot to dive into in Massachusetts, our readers might have to experience it themselves! Now when did you first realize you had a passion and talent for both singing and songwriting? At what point did that passion transition into a career opportunity for you?

I loved performing and singing from a young age and was always involved in groups and bands and played a variety of instruments growing up ( some better than others lol).

In college I was in an acapella group that traveled around and competed and performed frequently and I would often get encouraged to pursue music professionally.  That lit the spark in terms of “career pursuit” and since I was in Nashville at the time, I went around music row and started to learn about the process of getting songs to record.  I didn’t love some of the songs sent to me so I decided to write my own.  I had done some songwriting here and there since I played piano and messed around with ideas but I started to take it more seriously in this moment and have been working hard at it ever since. I love writing songs for myself and for other artists and its now a huge part of my musical identity.

If you had to describe your music using only five words, which words would you pick?

Passionate, melodic, evocative, honest, powerful.

Here’s a tricky question for you – if you got a magical phone that granted you the ability to call any studio and convince them to add your music to a film or TV show’s soundtrack (past, present, or future), who would get the call and why?

Wow, good question.  Officially wracking my brain here… I would have loved to contribute to the Fifty Shades Trilogy…. also, would love to do a song for one of the bond movies.  I love collaborating in tv and film.

In my defense, I did say it was tricky! Here’s another one – What is one thing our readers would be surprised to learn about you – like a secret talent or hobby?

I’m obsessed with food and insist on looking at the menu of every restaurant I pass or come across in my life….physically or online.

Let’s chat more about the American Song Contest, as I’m interested to learn more about your participation. How did you first learn about the contest and what motivated you to submit an entry?

I heard about the show through a friend and was also familiar with Eurovision and the concept. The fact that I could throw my hat in the ring to represent a place so special to me and such a part of my musical journey and growth made it a no brainer. I also loved the idea that we could submit original songs.  It’s such an incredible platform and as artists such a great opportunity to connect and share our work.

Can you tell us more about how your ASC song “Shameless” was written? Was it written specifically for the show or was it intended for another reason at first?

Shameless is a passionate song with intimate verses, a dark mysterious chord progression I love and a really powerful chorus.  I had written a large portion of the song with my co-writers before the show but ended up changing a few things and changing some things with the co producers with respect to the direction of the production.  It was a really great fit for my song. There is a vulnerability and fearlessness lyrically in the song that I feel ties in really well with the people and attitude of Massachusetts. So much of who I am as an artist has been influenced by my upbringing and my experiences in Mass so im very excited for people to hear it!

If you had the opportunity to collaborate with any of the other ASC artists on a new hit single, who would you choose to work with and why? 

Wow, tough question – I need to get back to you this cause there are still so many left to perform and I’ve been so impressed with the performances so far its hard to keep track. Hueston was great – loved his passion and Ive been fortunate to have already worked on some songs with Michael Bolton. Broderick had a really nice song in week 2.

Now I’d be interested in these collaborations – let’s make them happen! 🙂 As we wrap up here I wanted to ask, how can our readers connect with you and find your music online?

I would LOVE for people to check out some of my music.  On Spotify and Apple and all the platforms just search Jared Lee.  My most recent releases are a song with Nicky Romero and Gattuso called “Afterglow” and a song I put out independently called “Breathe In Bleed Out”.  On most social media platforms you can find me @jaredleemusic.

Alright, one last question for you – is there a final message you’d like to share with our readers?

I am incredibly excited about the opportunity to perform for you and share my music.  I put my heart and soul into these songs and hope they make you feel something.  

Well Jared, I want to thank you again for your time and we wish you the best of luck in the American Song Contest! 

Thank you so much!

Remember #YOU can catch Jared on the fourth episode of the American Song Contest Monday, April 11th at 8 PM Eastern/7 PM Central. #YOU can also jump into the ASC discussions on social media @ESCUnited, on our discord, or on our forum page!

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