We just keep pumping out our exclusive Liverpool interviews, and why not – we love it, and so do the artists. Anyhow, the young talent has had a long journey when it comes to competing in the Eurovision Song Contest, so of course we wanted to hear a bit about it as well.

As many might know, but just to make it clear to the ones who don’t know, IRU is in fact a former Eurovision champion… of the juniors! She represented Georgia in 2011 and won the contest with her girl group from back then. However, how did her passion and interest start for the Eurovision Song Contest, how did she know about it, and how did it all start is just some of the few details we get to hear from her.

Of course we also love to have a bit of fun with the acts, so we gave our favorite Georgian of 2023, some questions about where she could picture her competitors in different scenarios or their personalities. Questions such as who is killing it on the dance floor, who is a born comedian, who could maybe return to Eurovision in the future and even a question about which act would be fit to have their own TV show.

Georgia made their debut in 2007, so they can be considered one of the newer countries, but it is starting to be a while now. Georgia started out impressing, with a qualification on their first attempt and scored their best ever results early on as well, on their 3rd and 4th attempt back in 2010 and 2011, finishing 9th at the contest. Unfortunately, it’s been a non-qualification after another the past few year, and the country hasn’t been in the final since 2016, soon we shall see if IRU can at least change that.

More about IRU

Her full birth name is Irina Khechanovi, but we call her by her nickname IRU. As mentioned earlier she is a former Junior Eurovision champion, as she won as part of the girl group CANDY, with the song “Candy Music“, when the contest was held in Yerevan, Armenia in 2011, and even on her own birthday. Speaking about Armenia, she is also of Armenian descendent.

Her adult career has been in progress for a good while, but is now slowly starting to become something, as she released her first single in 2021. She has in the past already tried to represent Georgia in the contest, when she took part in Georgian Idol in 2019, which was the selection mechanic back then. However, for 2023, it was changed to The Voice of Georgia, which is won in the end.

As just pointed out, IRU won The Voice of Georgia, in order to gain the honor of representing her country at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. During the shows, she even performed songs such as “Rise Like A Phoenix” and “Euphoria” in order to be victorious. This proved to be the right thing, and in just a few days, she will show her powerful voice to all of Europe.

What do #YOU think about IRU as a person and do #YOU she will shine on the big stage in Liverpool?
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