Unser Lied für Liverpool is Germany’s national selection show for the Eurovision Song Contest. Tonight, 8 acts competed to represent Germany in Liverpool this May, and in the end it was rock band Lord Of The Lost who were crowned the winners with the song “Blood & Glitter”!

Before the show even began, it was announced that one of the 9 original finalists – the band Frida Gold – would not be performing their song “Alle frauen in mir sind müde” tonight because their lead singer Alina Süggeler fell ill and could not perform. Because of this, the act was forced to withdraw and it became an 8-person competition instead.

This last-minute withdrawal also had an effect on how the points were allocated. In a press release, the broadcaster explained that instead of awarding 1-8, 10, and 12 points like at Eurovision, the eight juries and the online/phone votes would only award 1-4, 6-8, 10, and 12 points (removing the 5 and 7 points from contention).

The show got straight to business after a short intro by host Barbara Schöneberger, with an in-house panel of ESC-adjacent personalities giving their thoughts and opinions after each act performed. The panel featured past Unser Lied jury-member Florian Silbereisen, German influencer and superfan Riccardo Simonetti, and ESC veteran Ilse DeLange. Later on, last year’s winner Malik Harris joined the panel as well to share words of encouragement for his successor at Eurovision.

Below is the running order from tonight’s show:

  1. TRONG- “Dare To Be Different”
  2. René Miller- “Concrete Heart”
  3. Anica Russo- “Once Upon A Dream”
  4. Lonely Spring- “Misfit”
  5. Will Church- “Hold On”
  6. Patty Gurdy- “Melodies Of Hope “
  7. Ikke Hüftgold – “Lied mit gutem Text”
  8. Lord Of The Lost- “Blood & Glitter”

The Results

Once all 8 acts had performed, there was an interval performance by the band The Boss Hoss and Ilse DeLange, and then it was time for results! First the scores of the 8 international juries were shared. Below are the top points of each jury:

  • Switzerland gave 8 pts to Anica Russo, 10 to René Miller, and 12 to Will Church
  • Netherlands gave 8 pts to René Miller, 10 to Will Church, and 12 to Trong
  • Finland gave 8 pts to Will Church, 10 to Anica Russo, and 12 to Lord Of The Lost
  • Spain gave 8 pts to Patty Gurdy, 10 to René Miller, and 12 to Will Church
  • Lithuania gave 8 pts to Trong, 10 to Anica Russo, and 12 to Will Church
  • Ukraine gave 8 pts to René Miller, 10 to Anica Russo, and 12 to Will Church
  • Austria gave 8pts to Lord Of The Lost, 10 to Anica Russo, and 12 to Will Church
  • United Kingdom gave 8pts to René Miller, 10 to Trong, and 12 to Will Church

Will Church cleaned up with the juries! He took the top spot, followed by Anica Russo and René Miller.

But everything changed when the online and phone votes from the public were revealed, and with 146 televote points, Lord Of The Lost rose to first place! Below is the full breakdown of the televotes and overall scores:

So there you have it — we will see Lord Of The Lost this May in Liverpool! Because Germany are part of the “Big Five”, they will not compete in either semi-final, but will instead qualify automatically for the Grand Final on Saturday.

Of all the bands in Eurovision this year, do #YOU place Lord Of The Lost at the top? Sound off in the forum right HERE, or visit us on FacebookTwitterInstagramYoutubeTikTok and Discord.



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