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Guidelines on song selection, NFs and song promotion

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August 1, 2012
This thread is here as a general set of guidelines and main rules to follow when it comes to selecting your songs and what must what can and can't be done when it comes to song promotion.


You can select your entry in one of 3 ways:

1) Arrange an open (public) National Final (NF)
- Use your country's thread in this forum to post the songs that are taking part in your National Final
- Remember to make the scoring system and voting deadline clear.
- All members must have equal rights in voting.
- You can only receive votes via PM - votes cast in the thread cannot be used.
- You can accept votes only from WorldVision members.
- Take note that it is forbidden to start NF before semi-finals will end.
- You are forbidden from revealing the results of your NF to the public before the semi-finals of the actual contest have begun. You can reveal the score breakdown (e.g. 1st place: 30, 2nd place: 24, 2rd place: 21 etc.) but no mention of song names or artists should be given.

2) Arrange a private NF
- If you choose to arrange a private NF with your other jury members, you are permitted to post the artists and song titles that you are considering in the country thread here.
- You must not give any clue about which song is leading the voting - the winning entry should remain a secret until the semi-finals begin.

3) Have an internal selection
- For this option, the most you can reveal here before the contest has begun is the artist name.

Send the winning song and a back-up entry (if you wish) by PM to the collector of the entries (which will be found in the main edition's thread)

For any specific queries about entry eligibility, please either refer to The Rules or feel free to PM one of the mods.


After the semi-finals have begun, remember that your country thread in the Green Room is where you can promote anything to do with your entry. For any nation that has held a National Final, we would encourage you to post the results of the NF in your thread so that the public can see who the voting progressed. An easy way to show this can be to use a spreadsheet that will automatically calculate the totals for each song after you have entered all of the votes. We have created a template spreadsheet that you can use if you wish - please let me know if you have any problems with it.

Download the template voting spreadsheet here - click here
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