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September 28, 2009
British Columbia, Canada
Hello all!

A brief synopsis of the rules is below, but the full rules can be found in the spoiler tag below!

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ESC Athens

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February 19, 2024
This is Athens, :gr: calling:

:12: :it: Italy
:10: :il: Israel
:8: :lu: Luxembourg
:7: :ua: Ukraine
:6: :se: Sweden
:5: :ch: Switzerland
:4: :cy: Cyprus
:3: :fr: France
:2: :at: Austria
:1: :no: Norway

Happy Easter to any fellow Orthodox Christians :)


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February 19, 2017
Some votes from :pl: Poland. Suddenly I like Armenia more.

:12: :no: NORWAY: Gåte - Ulveham
:10: :rs: SERBIA: Teya Dora - Ramonda (Рамонда)
:8: :hr: CROATIA: Baby Lasagna - Rim tim tagi dim
:7: :ie: IRELAND: Bambie Thug - Doomsday Blue
:6: :ee: ESTONIA: 5miinust & Puuluup - (nendest) narkootikumidest ei tea me (küll) midagi
:5: :it: ITALY: Angelina Mango - La noia
:4: :gr: GREECE: Marina Satti - Zari (Ζάρι)
:3: :sl: SLOVENIA: Raiven - Veronika
:2: :am: ARMENIA: Ladaniva - Jako (Ժակո)
:1: :au: AUSTRALIA: Electric Fields - One Milkali (One Blood)


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April 13, 2021
Last call from Romania
12 Switzerland
10 Croatia
8 Italy
7 Ukraine
6 Belgium
5 Luxembourg
4 France
3 Azerbaijan
2 UK
1 Australia


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March 28, 2023
Votes from Denmark :dk:

:12: :ie: Ireland
:10: :no: Norway
:8: :ch: Switzerland
:7: :pt: Portugal
:6: :be: Belgium
:5: :sl: Slovenia
:4: :it: Italy
:3: :gr: Greece
:2: :am: Armenia
:1: :es: Spain


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March 21, 2021
Hi y'all! xwave

I guess I'm yet STILL the last-minute guy unfortunately. And I also have some unfulfilled promises - sharing some opinions and insights of this years songs.
I predict this post will be quite LONG, so bear with me xwait
And I hope SEAN would count my points, although I might be few hours late... xblush

First things first - voting from Estonia :ee: as usual. And first of all, my TOP 10 in ascending order (as usual).
Btw, after viewing almost all the rehearsal snippets-pictures-videos (from escUnited of cource) my TOP remains more or less the same:

(Just in case - this is my PERSONAL opinion. No political-regional influences. And it's not a prediction of the FINAL outcome)

:1::no: Norway - I'd actually like to give them higher points. My secret love - the genre. LOVE the performance, especially live!
Similar to/reminds me of: They are unique. For me it still resembles Within Temptation and a bit of Nightwish. LOVE THEM!

:2::lv:Latvia - LIKE the song a lot. Especially the lyrics. Can connect to it a lot.
I HOPE( !!!!! ) Latvia and Dons will make it through the Semis, but... No matter what comes, I'll always love that song. No matter what.
Similar to/reminds me of: Many sad ballads form ESC's past and elsewhere. Still - the song's in my HEART you know!?! So, NO comparison!

:3::rs: Serbia - The BEST ballad for me this year and I enjoy it A LOT! Also, the staging seems very nice and suits the song perfectly. I keep my fingers crossed, Teya will do great in the Final (Oh yes, definite qualifier!).
Similar to/reminds me of: Nothing to bring out that's identical. SHE and the song together are UNIQUE!

:4::cz: Czechia
One of my guilty pleasures this year! AIKO is adorable! And I also secretly like the genre (honestly, I'm a full-blood EDM guy, actually).
Similar to/reminds me of: MANY examples I could bring, but AIKO herself is really UNIQUE!

:5::pl: Poland
Well, the cause of me liking the song lies in the answer of "Similar to/reminds me of". She's truly nice and the song IS in my playlist. But- I actually feel bad of not demoting it after seeing the rehearsals. The staging - nice (maybe a bit copycat?). The vocals - Idk what happened there. LUNA, PLEASE improve!
Nevertheless, I LIKE it and LOVE you!
Similar to/reminds me of: ELLIE GOULDING! xrose

:6::cy: Cyprus
Many lovers, many haters of this entry/song. And I understand. Personally, I enjoy it a lot. Kind of basic - yes. Catchy as hell - yes!
Similar to/reminds me of: Every major pop sensation from the last decade, actually. Nevertheless, I ENJOY IT! AND SHE'S SO YOUNG! Remember that when evaluating the entry!

:7::be: Belgium
Well, the chorus catches me. Every time I listen to it. Tight battle in places 1-7, but I have to rank it before others. LIKE IT!
Similar to/reminds me of: No one specific comes to mind. Another unique performance for me.

:8::il: Israel
Crucify me if you will, I'm here for the music. I have my own views and understandings about the ISSUE, but this is not a subject in this thread. I like the song, like the performer. One of the best entries from Israel probably EVER in my book.
Similar to/reminds me of: Actually nothing and at the same time - everything! This is just a SPECIAL song.

:10::lt: Lithuania
Oh, I LOVE that melody, performance, music/beat & Silvester! My No.1 for a long time and tight for the 1st place. I hope our neighbors will get a good result in the Final (oh, yes, they'll make it to the Final!).
Similar to/reminds me of: Late 90's beat. And that's EXACTLY my cup of tea!

And finally...

:12::it: ITALY!
This song literary haunts me. And has been haunting from the release. And I also made a prediction long time ago, "La Noia" will win this! Til this day, NO doubt about that.
Special mention - look up her song "Fila indiana" on ESC official channel. Like, the most PERFECT song! :love:
Similar to/reminds me of: Nobody in my mind. The beat and music still reminds me of more Spanish or Latin overall. GREAT in my book, anyway :love:
Her vocals - out of this world...

My MOST honorable mentions:

:ee: Estonia - Since I can't give any points to my country, at least I can mention it first ;)
First of all - not a fan of the song. Nor the genre (can't even figure that out). Not a fan of 5Miinust or Puuluup.
But I'm still a fan of this OVERALL! And PROUD of us! Nobody else could represent us in this years ESC better than them. At least, from this years Eesti Laul (yup, not even Ollie). Low or high in the final table (we'll qualify, right?), at least we did our best. THIS year. That's my opinion.
Similar to/reminds me of: Well, this thing is definitely UNIQUE!

:dk: Denmark - At one point, Saba seemed to be quite tied to Estonia in different polls, but I guess there's a bigger gap now.
Personally, I don't dislike the song at all. She's pretty perfect! Near to my TOP 10. Comes short in some part. Can't explain...
Similar to/reminds me of: Some annoying ESC entry from the past (SRY!).

:al: Albania - Ok... Where to start? I liked the song BEFORE the English re-vamp. True! Do I like it less after the re-vamp? NO!!!
So, both versions look great to me and I wish you the best!
Tbh, you might not get an exceptionally good result from this years competition, I still LOVE your song!
Similar to/reminds me of: Well, the original is ORIGINAL. The re-vamp resembles like EVERYTHING!

:ch: Switzerland - Well, OF COURSE It's a banger and a main contender by now. I'm not on board, sry. I like it, true. Still it's below my TOP. I have no doubt you'll do a VERY decent result this year, but in my heart you SHALL not get. Sorry.
Similar to/reminds me of: Oh, in this case - UNIQUE in CAPITAL letters!

:hr: Croatia - Ok, this is my bad, I guess. I didn't hop on the hype train on time. I like the song, but in my book it's not in the TOP 10. No doubt, Croatia will achieve one of their best results this year, but... In my ranking they're about 15th.
Special mention: I REALLY like the end part!!!!
Similar to/reminds me of: Every average rock song from ESC and outside of it. EXCEPT the end part!!!

:md: Moldova - One of my guilty pleasures this year! LIKE IT! Just - LIKE IT!
Similar to/reminds me of: Kind of resembles ALL the songs from ESC from 1985 to 2005. Yet, she's UNIQUE.

:nl: The Netherlands - In our language Holland btw. Ok... What to say. I', a BIG fan of the country, traveled all over it (not just the Red Light District in Amsterdam :D). The song? Yeahh... But I haven't seen the live yet, so...
Anyway, unfortunately NOT in my TOP. Let's see...
Similar to/reminds me of: Pure mid 90's beat (that should be my catch), but something's missing...

:se: Sweden - I can say, my GF and my daughter LOVE it! Me - not so much. Firstly - It's way too similar to the previous song ("Air"). Overall, not a bad song, but doesn't fit in my TOP 10.
Similar to/reminds me of: SWEDISH HOUSE MAFIA!

:ua: Ukraine - As much as I want to LOVE that song, something's missing for me. Love the performance, the staging seems over the top as well. I had it in my TOP before actually. I might be a bit tired of this folk thing.... On the second hand, I MIGHT vote for it in the Semi!
Similar to/reminds me of: Slavic folklore songs. Nothing special comes to mind.

:gr: Greece - That's INTERESTING! My daughter's favorite, actually! I like it too, but not as much to put it in my TOP. I wish it does well, anyway.
Similar to/reminds me of: I can say, it doesn't resemble me of Greece. It's something else. But UNIQUE!

:fr: France - Well, the vocals - WHOOOOOAH! Including the pre-parties ans all the live content. i'm sure he'll deliver in the Final!
For me - not so TOP 10 material....
Similar to/reminds me of: French love songs from long time ago.

:sl: Slovenia - I REALLY wish I could fit Raiven in my TOP. She's close, probably 11th-12th overall. I like the song (and her) A LOT!
Regarding the rehearsals, her performance in the show would be magical! The Final? Hard to predict ....
Similar to/reminds me of: Oh, there's no other similar song or performer in the world! In other words - UNIQUE!

I like also:

:lu: Luxembourg - I like TALI. And I wish Luxembourg would get a decent result this year, but... This song is in the middle for me. Can't see them succeeding this year. But I WANT them back for years to come!
Similar to/reminds me of: Quite a few ESC artists/songs from the past.Anyway, this is not the VIBE this year and LUX would be lucky to qualify to the Final.

:ge: Georgia - No issues with the performer. The song - almost meh to me. Like it in some part, but FAR from my TOP.
Similar to/reminds me of: Reminds me of almost every banger in ESC (about 10 years ago).

:mt: Malta - Well, I like it. I sure don't dislike it. Original or revamp, I don't feel it. Not going in my playlist. This is actually a measurable MEH song for me this year. Below that - don't like. Above that - like.
Similar to/reminds me of: Many would say SloMo. I'd say it too. Still - no straight comparison. QUEEN vs princess, I guess.

:sm: San Marino - I enjoy a decent rock song ALWAYS! Your song unfortunately, not in my TOP. But GOOD effort!
Similar to/reminds me of: Hard to say... I guess some "not so good" rock song?

:at: Austria - Oh, what to say? Totally MY beat! And I don't like it! Can't even bring out what I dislike about it!
Not in my TOP 10 and never will be. SORRY!
Similar to/reminds me of: EVERY banger from mid to late 90's (MY ERA). Still, can't connect to this fully.

:az: Azerbaijan - I actually LIKE the song. Wish I could like it even more. At this point, the middle field for me.
Similar to/reminds me of: There are some similarities to some western hits, keeping my silence just for now....

:am: Armenia - Another one I can't connect to. Cultural differences, I guess. Seeing the pre-party clips I'm quite hyped actually! They're REALLY good!
Just a side mark that bothers me - why you haven't changed the band name? Tbh, Dacialogan sounds better to me every day, but yeah... (ok ok, both crappy cars in my experience :LOL:)
Similar to/reminds me of: Something folk from the middle East. In other words, UNIQUE in ESC.

:pt: Portugal - I LOVE the artist! 100%! But the song goes past me unfortunately....
Similar to/reminds me of: Something Portugal would send....

My LEAST favorites:

:is: Iceland - Not much to say. I respect the artist, the song isn't actually bad as well. Just, the time zone is a bit different, by a few decades or so.
Similar to/reminds me of: Can't pinpoint, but many major ESC entries BEFORE 2010 maybe?

:au: Australia - Yeah, goes past me. Song wise. I DO understand, that their message is important and actually touching. The culture and relations in Europe are a tad different, I think? At the same time, OH YES, we have a lot to learn from that song and Australians overall. And, of course, my hope remains that Australia wins this thing someday! But not this time. Sry.
Similar to/reminds me of: Kind of familiar beat, but can't bring up an example. The lyrics/song/artists - unique to me!

:ie: Ireland - For the purpose of not offending anyone, I'll say nothing. NOT my cup of tea for sure. BUT - I appreciate the art. This is the MOST unique entry in history of ESC probably. And I hope they'll do good (in the Final. Yes, they'll qualify).
Similar to/reminds me of: MESS in my soul, MESS in my mind, MESS in my home.

:fi: Finland - The closest neighbors (third if we measure the meters, but one of our neighbors is "out of date"' anyway) , I'm so sorry. I can't appreciate this. In all aspects - staging/song/performance ....
I have no points for you. Sorry again. I'd be thrilled If you get to the Final and with decent result in the end!
Similar to/reminds me of: Well, there's NOTHING comparable in the entire WORLD!

:de: Germany - As much as I like the artist - the song is WEAK to me. Again - SORRY!
Similar to/reminds me of: Lots of similar songs. Can't bring any out because of copyright;)

:es: Spain - The lyrics - brilliant. The performance - brilliant. The BEAT - I like 80's....
Overall - DON'T LIKE IT. Not my cup of tea. SORRY for the hundredth time.
Similar to/reminds me of: Well, usual 80's banger. I could find similar tracks from the past, but I see no point.

:uk: UK - One more of "not my cup of tea"'s. Not much more to say.
Similar to/reminds me of: The beat reminds me of Slavic pop songs from the 90's

And that's it! My (few words) take on all the 37 participants this year.

Cheers and see you next week ;)


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March 14, 2021
臺灣 Taiwan :tw: calling :cool:

:12: :az: 亞塞拜然 Azerbaijan
:10: :ch: 瑞士 Switzerland
:8: :sl: 斯洛維尼亞 Slovenia
:7: :fr: 法國 France
:6: :gr: 希臘 Greece
:5: :pl: 波蘭 Poland
:4: :am: 亞美尼亞 Armenia
:3: :no: 挪威 Norway
:2: :ee: 愛沙尼亞 Estonia
:1: :hr: 克羅埃西亞 Croatia


February 1, 2014
:at: points

:12: :uk: United Kingdom
:10: :fr: France
:8: :lu: Luxembourg
:7: :es: España
:6: :it: Italiy
:5: :cy: Kypros
:4: :lt: Lietuva
:3: :be: België/Belgique
:2: :de: Deutschland
:1: :hr: Hrvatska


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March 28, 2022
From :hu: Hungary

:12: :nl: The Netherlands
:10: :hr: Croatia
:8: :ee: Estonia
:7: :lt: Lithuania
:6: :uk: United Kingdom
:5: :it: Italy
:4: :gr: Greece
:3: :at: Austria
:2: :es: Spain
:1: :lv: Latvia


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September 28, 2009
British Columbia, Canada
And here's the final round result - :it: sneak a victory in the last round!

Thank you to all of you who voted, your support for the game is much appreciated! We hope to see you here again next season and happy Eurovision!



February 7, 2010
Scotland & Moisantia
I kept forgetting to vote here - I'll be honest, one final ranking when all entries are released (like the Big Poll you used to do) with a grand announcement of the ranking by Matt and the team on a YouTube video would be awesome to see the true ranking of the community, as it's clear that the poor number of final votes in that final round here is likely as a result of burnout from the forum members.

Just a little suggestion, but not taking anything away from all the hard work on this that has been shown. xlove


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September 28, 2009
British Columbia, Canada
I kept forgetting to vote here - I'll be honest, one final ranking when all entries are released (like the Big Poll you used to do) with a grand announcement of the ranking by Matt and the team on a YouTube video would be awesome to see the true ranking of the community, as it's clear that the poor number of final votes in that final round here is likely as a result of burnout from the forum members.

Just a little suggestion, but not taking anything away from all the hard work on this that has been shown. xlove
Unfortunately that hasn't been possible this year with Matt's health issues, but hopefully the game will be back to full strength in 2025!


December 23, 2018
Yeah, I also forgot to vote (but tried to do so on time most of the time).

Thank you for hosting it!

And Matt! Get well soon!

Happy Eurovision week, everyone!

Great winner!


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February 15, 2020
Well, I wouldn't mind if Italy wins in Malmö. It's a talented and professional singer, and the song in itself is nice (I've given it an 8 in the poll). Just not in the top 10 of Eurovision winners this century so far. Norway (an 8 from me, too) would be a more memorable winner, but that result doesn't seem likely anymore.
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