This afternoon the Eurovision community was given a big suprise when RAI and stage designer Francesca Montinaro revealed the official stage design for the 2022 contest in Turin. The stage is named The Sun Within due to it’s variety of features, but namely the rotatable LED half-circles that mimic a rising sun. The stage design also contains a massive curved LED wall, and is likely to feature an LED floor as well.

A model of the 2022 stage demonstrating how the half-circle LED panels can rotate and move.

Speaking about the sun’s inspiration for the stage design, Montinaro shared that: “The kinetic sun, source of spectacular movements and tricks of light, rules the stage and represents our Italian attitude: always on the move, rebellious, creative, welcoming, passionate, intuitive. We are the ones with the sun within, and this is our way to be in this world.” Early concept art reveals that there was an actual sun being considered in the stage design, however RAI and Montinaro opted for the more subtle reference.

An early sketch of the 2022 stage.

The designs also reveal that RAI and Montinaro plan to frame the main stage with a water feature, much like the 2014 stage had in Copenhagen. However, this water feature appears to utilize a live waterfall and standing pool area, and fountains that come from the side stage area. Montinaro mentioned explained it’s inclusion in the stage design: “The cascade of water that frames the stage, allegorically represents the sea that surrounds us, a symbol of our complex culture. The stage is our peninsula: a country where each contestant is welcomed, no matter where they are coming from.'”

The stage from the delegation green room which features the water features and Italian garden motifs.

The stage also offers two main performance areas, one on the large circular stage, and an more flat outcrop stage that can be accessed from both sides using catwalks. There also appears to be two platform areas on the outcrop to create different elevations, and the photos appear to feature a removable drop screen of some kind, though that is unconfirmed.

The green room area of the arena will feature a very interesting and new idea, a lush Italian garden full of plants and vegitation as seen in the photo above. These plants will serve as a natural barrier between the delegations and the audience, while also blending the lines between stage, crowd, and green room.

What do #YOU think of the stage design for Turin? Let us know on social media @ESCUnited, on our discord, or on our forum page!

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