We continue our journey for another day through the daily release of the live on tape recordings, the videos that would’ve been used in case a participant was hindered in performing live in Turin, earlier this year.

Yesterday, we only got two recordings, which came from Portugal and Croatia, but today we are back on track and got another three clips, which comes from Denmark, Austria and Iceland.

Denmark: Reddi – The Show

It’s been the same case with every nation so far, that a winner selected from a national final, would get a close replica recorded to their national final appearance. This trend continues with Denmark, and their selected entrant Reddi.

The girl power group pretty much did the same as they did during Dansk Melodi Grand Prix and to some extent what they did in Turin as well. It is however, very noticeable that there’s a lack of an audience and it does have an effect on the live on tape recording as well. By comparison, the group was not as energetic in their performance, when they were compared to a spectator filled arena.

The live on tape does not deliver the same positive and energetic vibes, and understandably enough, it is hard to emulate such a feeling in an empty hall. Otherwise, the clip is exactly as anyone would expect it to be.

Iceland: Systur – Með Hækkandi Sól

Moving on to another winner of a national final, we pretty much see the same case as we just saw with Denmark. Systur‘s live on tape recording is an exact replica of their Söngvakeppnin performance. The same stage was used, the same camera angles, the same backdrop, everything.

On the other hand, with a very chill and moody song like “Með Hækkandi Sól” not much needed to be changed. Despite the sisters performed in front of an empty crowd, that didn’t seems nor sound effected by the lack of an audience. At least in Turin, the song was lifted up a lot, by the pretty use of brighter colors.

But to put it as simple as possible, if you’ve seen their national final performance more than enough times, you would barely notice any change here.

Austria: Lum!x ft. Pia Maria – Halo

Last but not least, we move to Austria who selected their song internally this year, and once again we can see this was another work in progress scenario. It was clear what the duo would go with the Turin and they stuck with the idea all the way.

We see in the live on tape recording that Lum!x and Pia Maria also here performed inside a ring of light prop. The prop is not as equipped with lights, as the final product was in Turin, but it kept a similar lighting scheme, switching heavily between the white and red colors. Lum!x was set by his mixer to brighten the party up, while Pia Maria fires away on the song.

Now to probably the most obvious part, which was the singing. Clearly it was a very difficult journey for our dear Pia Maria, who during the entire period had difficulties with pulling through this very fast and demanding song. The sound is vastly different than what we heard in Turin, when she is trying to pull it all off by herself nearly, rather than not having the added backing vocals that was used in the end. Nonetheless, it was a journey and hopefully it was the start of it as well for the lovely singer.

We’ve almost seen all of the live on tape clips from everyone from the first semi-final, who do #YOU think has had the best clips so far? Let’s hear what #YOU think on our forum HERE or on our social media pages and sites.

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