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As we stand on the cusp of Eurovision excitement, anticipation mounts with just four weeks remaining until the rehearsals commence. Five weeks from now, the grand spectacle of Eurovision Week will unfold, featuring Semi-Finals 1 and 2, culminating in the highly anticipated Grand Final.

As preparations for the Eurovision Song Contest unfold at the Malmö Arena, a dual focus on stage readiness and sustainability takes center stage. While teams diligently work on perfecting the stage setup and technical aspects of the event, parallel efforts are underway to ensure that the contest aligns with rigorous sustainability standards.

Collaborations with industry experts and organizations like Greentime underscore Malmö’s commitment to not only delivering a spectacular show but also setting a benchmark for environmental responsibility in large-scale entertainment events.

The certification of Malmö’s Host City program during the Eurovision Song Contest as a sustainable event has been officially confirmed. This achievement is attributed to the implementation of an ambitious policy encompassing 148 distinct elements.

Veronika Hoffmann, the sustainability coordinator for the City of Malmö, expresses enthusiasm regarding the announcement:

“We are pleased to deliver the news that we meet all the requirements for a certified sustainable event with a significant margin. The city of Malmö already has a sustainable organisation at its core, and now we have received a stamp of quality that what we do actually works.”

Sustainability in Practice


In Malmö, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a commitment reflected in tangible actions. As the city gears up to host the Eurovision Song Contest, a series of ambitious sustainability goals have been set and are being actively pursued:

– Every meal served by the City of Malmö during the event will be vegetarian, prioritizing options with a low ecological footprint. This decision underscores the city’s dedication to reducing its environmental impact.

– In a move towards supporting organic agriculture and reducing chemical usage, the city has pledged that 50% of all ingredients purchased for meals during the Eurovision Song Contest will be organically produced.

– Ensuring sustainable transportation options for all involved, the city has committed to providing free fossil-free transportation to all volunteers, artists, and staff working at the event. This includes access to public transport, local bike rentals, or electric vehicles, promoting eco-friendly travel throughout Malmö.

– Malmö’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond the event itself. In the open Eurovision program, the city aims to showcase the expertise of at least 20 actors within sustainable design, textiles, and fashion. This initiative not only promotes local talent but also raises awareness about the importance of sustainable practices in various industries.

Through these concrete measures, Malmö is demonstrating its dedication to hosting a Eurovision Song Contest that not only dazzles audiences but also serves as a model for sustainable event management.


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