It’s been less than two weeks since Bulgaria and BNT announced that Intelligent Music Project were internally selected to represent the country in Turin, Italy. Despite that, one thing the Bulgarian team aren’t doing is holding back, cause already now, here less than two weeks later, we already know the song as well.

The song “Intention”

Earlier this week, the official twitter account for Eurovision Bulgaria, had the following tweet to share:

The song got it’s worldwide premier during the morning hours on the Bulgarian national broadcaster, and the band has even fully embraced the selected song, which will be performed on their upcoming tour. The official twitter account has even been so kind, to share the full lyrics of the song, before it’s official release. (Full lyrics below)

  • And I can move on from here
    How simple, life goes on
    Humble, that’s how I feel
    Sparking hot flames, holding onYounger days run so clear
    Through my mind, replaying my crime
    Tearing me up, spreading fear
    Obsession in my own timeWhat life’s taken away, I’m not missing
    Will I sit back and sigh?
    A thunder of thoughts, I’m dismissing
    Too scared to even try

    And in time I’ve always known
    I’m never in the safety zone
    I took the fight, but was I right?
    They were sending me to war

    My intention is strong and real
    Only power steels my will
    The illusion of safety’s surrеal
    Don’t let it go for the kill

    I don’t want to take on thе pain
    So, I go seek inner signs, or a calling
    The more freedom I gain
    The less real life I’m recalling

Wanna learn more about Intelligent Music Project, then we might have just the right thing for you to read.

Here comes the big question now, what do #YOU think about the first 2022 song, and do #YOU think Bulgaria can get far in Turin? Clearly, we’d like to hear your thoughts, so head over to our forum HERE or our social media sites and share your voice with us.

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