Rai has announced the rules for the 74th edition of Sanremo, the oldest and most popular song festival in Italy. The contest will take place from February 6th to 10th, 2024, at the Ariston Theatre. This year, 26 artists will participate, including the three winners from Sanremo Giovani 2023.


Some notable changes have been introduced to the contest:

Firstly, the nightly performances will have a new format, with participating artists acting as co-presenters for their competitors.

In the previous format, half of the songs were presented on the first night, and the other half on the second night. All songs were then showcased on the third night. However, in the new format, all participating songs will be performed on the first day itself.

Secondly, the demoscopic vote has been replaced by a Radio Vote.

Thirdly, Friday night will feature a cover performance, which allows artists to choose songs from any moment in history and in any language, expanding the repertoire beyond the previously limited range of songs from the 1960s to the 1990s.


The voting system for Sanremo 2024 includes three groups:

Televoting via SMS or telephone.

The press jury consists of accredited journalists from various media outlets.

The radio jury is composed of selected national and local radio stations.


Throughout Sanremo week 2024, the festival will follow a specific breakdown:

First Evening (Tuesday 6th February)

All 26 competing songs will be performed, and only the press jury(TV, print and web media) will vote. The top 5 songs from the evening will be announced every night.

Second Evening (Wednesday 7th February)

Thirteen competing songs will be performed, and the public and radio jury will vote. Televoting(50%) and the radio jury(50%) will decide this night.

Third Evening (Thursday 8th February)

The remaining thirteen competing songs will be performed by the other thirteen artists. Televoting(50%) and the radio jury(50%) will contribute equally to the result.

Fourth Evening (Friday 9th February)

Each 26 artists will perform a cover chosen from Italian and international songs released by December 31st, 2023. All voting groups will vote – the public (34%), the radio jury (33%) and the press jury (33%).

Fifth Evening (Saturday 10th February)

All 26 competing songs will be performed, and the public alone will determine the overall rankings. The overall ranking from the previous cover evening will be announced, and a new overall ranking will be determined based on televoting percentages from the final evening and previous evenings. The top 5 songs going to the superfinal will be announced.


In the superfinal, the top 5 songs will be performed again, and a new round of voting will take place, with the public through televoting(34%), the press jury(33%), and the radio jury(33%) expressing their votes and determining the winner.

Rai announced that winner of San Remo 2024 will represent Italy in Eurovision 2024.

What do#YOU  think about San Remo 2024 changes?

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