After the fantastic semi final 1, PZE is coming to us with an equally diverse and fun semi final 2! Serbia has chosen their second and final batch of finalists, thus completing the roster for the grand final on Saturday, March 4! Before we list the lucky 8, let’s see how the show went, shall we?

Same as yesterday, we were warmly welcomed by the lovely hosting duo Dragana Kosjerina and Milan Marić, with Kristina Radenković and Stefan Popović bringing us all the green room shenanigans.

Semi final 2 opened with an interesting Serbian cover of Stefania by Kalush Orchestra! It was performed by Luča, Biber, Iskaz, arranged by Rastko Aksentijević.

Photo: RTS YouTube Livestream

After a wonderful segment of the previous Eurovision entries that somewhat marked pop culture as well (at least in Europe), the show was underway!

  • Hurricane (2.0) were a great choice to start the show. The colorful costumes, an upbeat, catchy tune was all we needed as an attention grabber!
  • Nadia was next with Devojka tvog dečka, transporting us to the best of times with the pop rock vibes and immaculate energy!
  • Filarri served us some fantastic moves with his amazing choreography and vocals that never faltered. Posle mene is a banger!
  • Zejna delivered incredible oriental motives meshed with the traditional Balkan tropes and lit a fire on the PZE stage!
Photo: RTS YouTube Livestream
  • Frajle returned to the PZE stage with Neka, neka, implementing a memorable performance as their old-time local music enveloped the stage!
  • Igor Vince & Bane Lalić were the funky duo for tonight, reminding us that Zato što volim is a real fire starter!
  • Egret delivered a piano ballad with his Ako shvatim kasno, as a sweet break from the blazing rapid-fire performances on stage.
  • Dzipsii came in with an absolutely breathtaking performance of Greh that was a visual and vocal stunner. Nearly sublime performance!
Photo: RTS YouTube Livestream
  • Eegor sang Starac dana, displaying a very atmospheric staging paired with his booming, impactful voice with a notable falsetto to go with it.
  • Jelena Vlahović brought us a lovely pop track with Kao grom iz vedra neba, with a tinge of violins that were built up on the latter half of the song.
  • And with Ivona with U noćima, we were back to a setting fires left and right! This ravey, excitement-inducing track sent us right into frenzy alongide Ivona’s enticing visuals!
Photo: RTS YouTube Livestream
  • Gift band were our rock dose for tonight, their song Liberta jumpstarted our rock lovers back into action!
  • Milan Bujaković was next with his song Fenomen, reminding us just what a good male pop song sounds like.
  • Duo Grand celebrated life with Viva la vida, a curious mesh of multiple genres, ending up on a rock note!
  • Anđela, as the penultimate performer for the evening, delivered a wonderful rendition of Loše procene, all neatly packaged with a great choreography and stage presence!
Photo: RTS YouTube Livestream
  • And finally, Doris Milošević amped up the mood with Tišina, ending the show on an uplifting note, the only right way!

NOTE: Nadia got to perform again in the end due to an apparent technical glitch.

VOTING: As in previous years, voting was done via both a public vote and a jury vote, with a 50% weighting given to each, to decide the winner.

INTERVAL ACT: Zorja Pajić (PZE22 participant) performed a beautiful interpretation of Lane Moje by Željko Joksimović.

Zorja performing Lane Moje by Zeljko Joksimovic

Stevan Andjelković (Zvezde Granda) did a cover of Fairytale by Alexander Rybak, and Sanja Vučić (ex Hurricane, Serbia 2021) killed it with Wild Dances by Ruslana!

Sanja Vucic performing Wild Dances by Ruslana

Ivana Peters (composer behind Serbia 2016 Eurovision entry) performed Euphoria by Loreen. Next, Alen Ademović covered the iconic Greek entry (Eurovision 2010) Opa by Giorgos Alkaios. Finally, we witnessed an incredible rendition by Slavko Matić, of Trenuleţul by Zdob şi Zdub & Advahov Brothers (Moldova in Eurovision 2022). What a show!

RESULTS: The following acts are the second and final batch of the PZE23 finalists! The order in which they were announced (below) is not the reflection of the votes.

  • Frajle – Neka, neka
  • Nadia – Devojka tvog dečka
  • Filarri – Posle mene
  • Gift – Liberta
  • Hurricane – Zumi zimi zami
  • Dzipsii – Greh
  • Zejna – Rumba
  • Duo Grand – Viva La Vida
Photo: RTS YouTube Livestream

Congratulations, everyone!

The broadcast was made available by RTS via RTS1, RTS Planeta platform, the official RTS Youtube channel and the official RTS internet portal. You can also watch the grand final on Saturday, March 4, at 21:00 CET via these options.

What do #YOU think of Serbia’s choices for the PZE23 grand final? Let us know on social media @ESCUnited, on our Discord, or on our forum page!

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