As night falls in the Netherlands, Mia Nicolai and Dion Cooper release their shot at the Eurovision trophy, Burning Daylight. Mia Nicolai and Dion Cooper were announced as the Netherlands’ representatives by Duncan Laurence on Radio 2 on November 1, 2022 already, but the wait is finally over. The duo’s long-awaited hit has just been released on Eurovision’s YouTube channel.

Mia and Dion continue the trend of the Netherlands sending strong and emotional ballads. The song feels like a personal anthem about leaving your old life behind to seek out a better life for yourself. Despite being melancholic, it sparks hope for a happy ending for the singers’ lives. Or as they describe it themselves: an ode to falling and getting up.

Despite feeling like a continuation of the path The Common Linnets, Duncan Laurence, Jeangu and S10 have set the Netherlands on, the song provides us with a new and modern take on Dutch pop that the Netherlands have not sent before.

Mia, Dion, and co-writers Duncan Laurance, Jordan Garfield and Loek van der Grinten express their personal message with the song: ‘We all experience unique problems and challenges, that are universal […]. Sometimes it can feel like we’re stuck and days pass us by without meaning. But exactly then when the old no longer works out and you’re with your back against the wall, it’s a chance for growth, for something new. Say goodbye to the old life where you didn’t feel so free – goodbye old life,” the say in their press release.

Who are Mia Nicolai & Dion Cooper?

The two singers have been brought together by 2019 Eurovision winner Duncan Laurence and his partner songwriter Jordan Garfield who both felt that Mia and Dion’s voices fit together perfectly and that both singers wanted to express the same message. And as luck has it, they were selected by the Dutch selection committee.

“Eurovision is the stage to show audiences what you bring to the table. After years of hard work and translating our feelings into music, this is an amazing chance to tell our story to larger audiences. It feels fantastic and a little bit surreal, but we’re ready to bring Europe some positivity,” the duo said after their initial announcement.

Mia Nicolai

Mia Nicolai (26) has been a musical prodigy since the age of three, when she already started taking violin and piano lessons. She grew up learning about theater, ballet, music and storytelling. Unfortunately, Mia’s early years were also a time of her life where she had to deal with being bullied. But as a phoenix from the ashes, she arose stronger and with a strong passion to pursue her dreams and let no one hold her back. She currently lives in Los Angeles to work on her music career in the USA.

Her message to the world: Your past has nothing to do with the future and that you are in complete control of that. You can create yourself into the person you dream of being.

Dion Cooper

Dion Cooper (28) comes from a musical family and already picked up playing the guitar at age 15. In the years after, he experimented with singing and writing his own songs. Cooper has already worked with Laurence and Garfield before, both his singles Blue Jeans and Know being co-written by the couple. His message is: happiness is in your hands and your hands are meant to share.

The Netherlands in Eurovision

The Netherlands is one of the founding members of the Eurovision Song Contest and won the contest four times in the early decades of Eurovision. Alas, after this early success, it would be their last wins in over 44 long years.

After Anouk pulled the Netherlands out of their so-called flop era in 2013, it would only take a couple more years till Duncan Laurence finally brought the Eurovision trophy back to The Netherlands with his song “Arcade”. Giving the Netherlands the honor of hosting the grand return of Eurovision after the canceled edition, which has become a memorable year for many Eurofans.

Last year, S10 finished 11th in the Grand Final at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin with her song “De Diepte.” It was the first time since 2010 that The Netherlands sent in a song in their native language.

Mia Nicolai & Dion Cooper will be hitting the Eurovision stage with their song Burning Daylight on Tuesday May 9 in the first half of Semi-Final 1.

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