5miinuust & puuluup

We asked and you responded in our latest poll for Eesti Laul 2024 – and have selected 5miinust and Puuluup as your favorite to win the national selection on Saturday.

Surprising no one, their win was an overwhelming landslide with our readers, with 48% of the votes being cast in their favor. The second choice for the readers is Eesti Laul veteran Ollie, who’s song “My Friend” picked up 31% of the 102 votes cast. Third place goes to pre-qualified finalist Daniel Levi, who received 8% of our readers votes.

The full results from the poll can be seen below:

  1. 5miinust and Puuluup – “(nendest) narkootikumidest ei tea me (küll) midagi” – 53 votes (48%)
  2. Ollie – “My Friend” – 34 votes (31%)
  3. Daniel Levi – “Over the Moon” – 9 votes (8%)
  4. Anet Vaikmaa – “Seroroniin” – 6 votes (5%)
  5. Uudo Sepp and Sarah Murray – “Still Love” – 3 votes (3%)
  6. Ewert and The Two Dragons – “Hold Me Now” – 3 votes (3%)
  7. Brother Apollo – “Bad Boy” – 1 vote (1%)
  8. Nele-Liis Vaiksoo – “Käte ümber jää” – 1 vote (1%)
  9. Carlos Ukareda – “Never Growing Up” – 0 votes (0%)
  10. Peter Põder – “Korra Veel” – 0 votes (0%)

The official winner of the selection will be chosen through two rounds of voting, with the first round being a pure 50/50 split of televoting and jury votes. The top three entries from the first round will then advance the the superfinal, where a 100% televote process will select the winner.

Are #YOU in agreement with our readers? Let us know on social media @ESCUnited, on our forum page, or on Discord! 

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