A screenshot from the video clip by LADANIVA with a colorful frame and the eurovision logo on the left upper corner.

The music video for “Jako”, the song set to represent Armenia at the 68th Eurovision Song Contest, has been unveiled by LADANIVA. 

The track by itself, “Jako,” is more than just a catchy tune; it’s a powerful anthem for self-expression and empowerment, rooted in the personal experiences of the band’s own Jaklin, affectionately known as “Jako.” Through this song, Jaklin boldly asserts her right to think freely and embrace her true identity, challenging societal norms that confine girls to predefined roles.

Reflecting on her childhood, Jaklin recalls being labeled as “Jako,” a nickname that stuck with her. Growing up, she faced relentless pressure to conform to gender stereotypes – to be quiet, modest, and restrained. However, “Jako” is not just a name; it’s a symbol of defiance against these limitations. With this track, Jaklin sends a message of encouragement to all the “little Jakos” out there, urging them to embrace their authentic selves unapologetically.

Armenia’s Head of Delegation, David Tserunyan, praises “Jako” as a testament to Ladaniva’s musical versatility and creativity. Despite addressing serious issues, the song maintains a cheerful and playful tone, inspiring listeners worldwide to join the dance of freedom and self-discovery.

Louis, one half of the duo, reveals their inspiration from the rhythms of Reunion Island, noting their surprising similarity to Armenian music. This cultural fusion resonates with audiences worldwide, igniting dance floors from Armenia to distant corners of the globe.

The music video for “Jako,” directed by Artur Manukyan, pays homage to the legendary Armenian filmmaker Parajanov, infusing the visuals with Armenian authenticity. Mary Stepanyan and Astghik Samvelyan’s costume design and styling further enhance the video’s rich tapestry, reflecting the band’s cross-cultural artistry.

Composed by Jaklin Baghdasaryan, Louis Thomas, and Audrey Leclercq, with lyrics penned by Jaklin and Louis, “Jako” embodies the essence of Ladaniva – a celebration of freedom, authenticity, and cultural diversity in music.

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