It’s been an building moment since it was announced, that Luxembourg would return to this year’s edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, after a 31 year long wait. Throughout most of 2023, we’ve been able to witness most of the process from the Grand Duchy, and soon, we’ll know who’ll have the honor of making this return complete. 8 acts are in the running for this task, and now, we know their songs.

Luxembourg Song Contest 2024 candidates

Yesterday, the Luxembourgish broadcaster (RTL) announced through their social media channel, that they were ready to share the songs of the 8 candidates, which will compete in the national final later this month. The broadcaster also stated that the songs would be available on their radio and website as well.

The 8 candidate songs were released in the following order: (Ordered by time, all times are CET/local time)

  • 7:10: Angy & Rafa Ela – “Drop”
  • 8:20: CHAiLD – “Hold On”
  • 9:40: EDSUN – “Finally Alive”
  • 10:20: Joel Marques – “Believer”
  • 11:40: Krick – “Drowing in the Rain”
  • 12:10: Naomi Ayé – “Paumée Sur Terre”
  • 13:10: One Last Time – “Devil in the Detail”
  • 14:50: TALI – “Fighter”

For further details about each participant, we were introduced to them last month, where we have gathered some of the details that were shared with the public, if you wish to learn more about them.

The winner of the national final will be decided by both jury and televote, who each will have 50% of the final outcome. It has even been confirmed, that people from abroad will also be able to vote in the national final. The national final is set to take place on the 27th of January in the Rockhal concert hall, located in Belval, Esch-sur-Alzette.

Luxembourg last participated in the Eurovision Song Contest, back in 1993. In 2024, it will mark the first time the country participates in a semi-final. It will also be the first time, that a Luxembourgish televote will be in use, since televote were first introduced into the competition in the late 90’s. Despite it’s small size, the country did manage to win the competition 5 times. Despite their regular participation back in the 20th century, the Luxembourgish language was only present 3 times in the competition.

The question that remains now, is who do #YOU think has the best song and do #YOU believe that Luxembourg could do well on their comeback to the contest?
Let’s hear from #YOU on our forum site right HERE, or visit us on Facebook, X(Twitter), Instagram, Youtube, TikTok and Discord.

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