Semi-Final 1 for Eurovision 2013 is a thing of the past, but the coverage does not stop!  Today, we are live in Malmo Arena covering the second rehearsals for the Big 5 (UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, and France) and the home country, Sweden.

Check back and refresh as we will update this article as the artists perform one after another.

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The Spanish press and fans are very present here this year.  They cheer for ESDM as they are announced and clap along as the song speeds up.  Last time, Raquel was in a simple yellow dress.  Her dress today is a white version of it, with a longer see through sheer.  At the end of the second chorus, Raquel makes her way to the main stage.  Sounds much better live than on the screen.  The second run-through is a bit rougher vocally at the beginning.  But gets stronger.  In the third run-through, some pyrotechnics are added.  The Spanish fans go nuts.

We also notice that the MC is throwing less jokes out today.  He is all business today…


Amandine is out of her grunge-chic attire and is now wearing a slick black dress with a lot of tassles. It looks like something Beyonce would wear (or Tina Turner back in the 70s). Vocally, she sounds great. She seems to be a little bit more laid back today and seems less tense. During the first rehearsal, we complained about the last stanza and note of the song sounding a bit off. But that has been corrected today. The MC notes that in the second run-through, she’s gonna take it easy with her vocals until the final chorus, noting that she wants to rest her voice.  Even when resting her voice, she is still performing the hell out of the song.  The MC jokes, “And that would be a Eurovision course in saving your voice.”


The MC announces that there are pyro cue changes for Germany.  Cascada comes out and the Spanish fans go nuts for Cascada.  She waves back in thanks.  And as she performs, she has people clapping along and some German flags waving their flags.  She puts on a good show in the arena and everyone goes nuts after the first run-through.  The MC asks the audience, “Drinking this early?” LOL.  The second run-through sounds as good.  The MC says, “Okay! Let’s do that seven more times!”  In the third run-through, there are pyrotechnics added in.  In the instrumental break, it’s all about flames and sparkles.  It’s overload, but in a good way! In the final chorus, the pyrotechnics are showering down (the same technique used for Denmark). At the end, lead singer Natalie is a bit out of breathe but has a huge smile on her face.

We break for lunch and will be back in an hour.


A very energetic performance from Robin and company. However, within the arena, things sounded a bit rough. This is the first run-through though and tweaks will be made. The backup singers (one man, one woman) can be heard well in here as well. AFter the run-through, Robin and the cameramen are discussing the choreography to make sure all camera angles are just right and do not interfere with the performance. Robin is practicing his vocal runs during the bridge acapella. Second run-through is so much better. Third is good as well, but he takes a break in the first verse to regain composure. The pyrotechnics (raining sparkles a la Sweden) come in at the final chorus. You can hear a giant blowhorn go off from a Swedish fan in the bleachers.


“We will now go to the UK. Make way for the legend,” says the MC. Bonnie wears all black, with a reddish-orange backdrop behind her. She has a band with a keyboardist, drummer, two guitarists, and a bass player also doing backup vocals. Within the arena, the verses sound the weakest. However, the bridge and chorus sound good. The key seems a tad bit higher than the studio version. She makes her way to the front stage and the lift rises her up. Good applause from those attending the rehearsal. Bonnie is very gracious and giggles with delight at the cheers. Between run-throughs Bonnie is practicing the chorus. Second run-through she sounds much better. Her raspy voice sounds quite nice now she has tamed it a bit. Again, many cheers and the MC tries to coerce her to sing another song by asking, “Next song will be?” The MC tells us that the whole stage will go dark as she walks to the front stage and the bracelets that the audience members will wear will light up bit by bit. Then he jokingly asks Bonnie to sing more of her other songs. Must be a big fan! Another great run-through and Bonnie is done.


Marco shows up on stage to some cheers from his fans in the audience. Someone from the delegation is holding up a dark green blazer. Perhaps a hint of what Marco will wear on Saturday? Because right now, he looks like he just got out of bed. He’s been appearing like this for the past week (hat optional). Just some side info. The original SanRemo rendition was about 3:45. There was some speculation about how the song would be cut. First, the introduction is taken out. The song starts with Marco singing the first line. The final chorus is also cut short. The performance is great, but for fans of the longer version, these cuts may come off as clumsy. Between run-throughs, Marco is just hanging out. No one else to really talk to. It’s just him on the stage for the three minutes. Between the second and third run-through, his fans scream “Senti el Sound” (the call for support for him in Malmo). He waves back in thanks. That green blazer we mentioned earlier? He’s wearing it this time.

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