Unfortunate news broke out yesterday, that a member of the Polish delegation had tested positive for COVID-19, and once again today, the EBU has announced that a member from the Icelandic delegation has now also tested positive for COVID-19.


It was announced yesterday, that due to safety protocols, the entire Polish delegation would not be allowed to take part in the opening ceremony, which takes place in a few hours later today(from when this article was made public), and now, the entire Icelandic delegation will now also be unable to attend the ceremony.

The EBU states the following: (Published: Sunday 16 May, 15:25 CEST)

  • During a routine test on Sunday 16 May, a member of the Icelandic delegation tested positive for COVID-19.
    In accordance with our strict health and safety protocol this person has now gone into isolation and as a precautionary measure, the other members of their delegation will also now undergo a PCR test and self-isolate.
    Unfortunately, this means that the Icelandic delegation will now not attend the Turquoise Carpet event in person this afternoon (Sunday 16 May).

At the current moment, we are still awaiting the results from the PCR test from the Polish delegation, should the result show that the delegation member was indeed tested positive for COVID-19, then Poland would be forced to use their live-on-tape recording or their clip from the second rehearsal. This would also be the case for Iceland, should the PCR test come out positive. For now, both delegations are being placed in isolation.

On behalf of the team, we hope for all the best for both the Polish and Icelandic delegation, so we can see them on stage next week, so far only Australia is confirmed to be using their live-on-tape recording, since it was seen as to risky to travel to Rotterdam for the Australian delegation.

Source(s)/photo(s): Eurovision.tv

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