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  • I was about to answer you but I will tell you why didn't...shortly, I was at my business trip (but it is that amazing as it sounds xrollinglol) and two days before I needed to prepare some data for it and it was all uregency...
    I think on you! xkiss
    I did not forget to answer, just taking too loooong xrollinglol
    But I was preparing which I hope you participate IOTAP Even if you do not vote, I hope you at least watch recaps to see my new stage of improvement (aka very similar to original esc recaps :mrgreen:)
    Heey :)

    Loveee yaaa...xheart I know you might not think so and that I forgot you xcry1, but I will write you asap! xheart xhug
    Heeey :)

    I have SO much job around university and organizing tomorrow final show of WV (I finally WON it)! So, I answer next week! Loveee ya, you know that xheart xlove
    Reggitoooo happy Christmas with a little bit of lateness (but it is still Christmas time)! xrunhug xheart We need to talk...(because I simply miss it)!
    Oh yes, and I have to say that I am impressed by "the coach K" :D Apart from what I already considered, that he is the best coach who has led the :us: team so far, he is also a big gentleman, and full of respect for everyone xbow A great and legendary coach and a real sportsman.
    Thank you kolega xrunhug :D Yes, we are really proud of everything we did on this championship :D After not so great matches in the group stage, we raised our form drastically and eliminated 3 huge favorites - Greece, Brazil and France (European champions). And even against USA we opened the match great and in the first 5 minutes we were slightly better, but then the American team took full charge and the rhythm that was on was enough to break any defense and any rival. I am pretty sure that even if :es: was on our place as it was projected before the championship that they would also lose with at least +20. Even though, this is not the best team :us: could have selected from the NBA, it is still enough to be a different dimension compared to teams of the rest of the world. The difference between the American and European basketball is bigger than ever now, and us Europeans need to work a lot to catch up at least :D
    Congratulations on the victory kolega xrunhug :D ANd on the gold of course :D USA is the most dominant team in the world, the team has dominated the whole championship, and of course, deserved this gold. Today, USA played the best match. We were equal in the second half, but with the outstanding percentages of points in the first half, no other team would have ended better.

    Still, even though we also lost with a huge margin, I am still extremely proud of this success. Basketball has returned to Serbia. That is the most important thing. Everyone gave in a great effort and the number of simpathies we got all over the world just shows what kind of picture we left :D
    Yes, objectively, two best teams meet in the end :D USA and us didn't play a single match from Indianopolis 2002 :D Back then we managed to win, but it is a different match, of course :D

    It was expected that Spain will be on our place, but I have to say that I am glad they are knocked out in the end. Because I never saw such ammount of arrogance before. They were behaving totally anti-sportish, and treated every other team as junks. In the end they got what they deserved :D

    The chances are 30-70% imo for USA. We play two totally different basketball styles. USA has quick transitions and is physically and athletically dominant, that is how they break their rivals, and that is how NBA is played as well, and we are great tacticians with strong defense and varied attacks. I think it will be an exciting match, worthy of a final :D
    Kolegaaaa :D Thanks a lot xrunhug

    You can't imagine how happy all of us are :D This is sensational. I didn't sleep at all after the match and the whole nation is, generally, in trance :D From the coach, the the fans :D

    And the final is just justified - Serbia vs. USA. Objectively, two biggest basketball forces on the planet :D Of course, we will try to win that match as well, even though USA is an absolute favorite just like in every match. We all hope for gold and we want it, but for me personally, silver shines equally as good as gold, so this success is for me the same as if we won the gold :D

    Of course, good luck to both teams, and may the better one wins :D
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