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  • :mrgreen:

    I hope I can give you some suggestions if you need it! And also, wish you to have a lot of fun with your boyfriend in California! xcheer
    There is WV database so you can search for more songs...but you only think about it when (if) it got selected! :mrgreen:
    Yup! And even much amazing songs! xheart My favorite is somewhere from start! Quinta Estacion - Que te queria!
    Well, at least you love tennis! xheart Of course, Wimbledon is our favorite tournament! xcheer It always was special for Croats! xheart It is shame I can't be your tennis coach, I'm sure I would make you to play good! :D But, if you like playing, just enjoy it! Maybe you can take some lessons and try to improve! xcheer
    It seems that tennis is one more thing we have in common! I'm also fan of tennis and I'm active at forum dedicated to it too! I follow it actively! xcheer Was playing it for few years, now sometimes play for recreation as really love this sport! xcheer
    Hey :)

    Please, can you tell me how you image top 3 revote? I can for example make survey monkey polls where people rank their possibilities and best average rank is winner! :D That would be basically the same alternative to voting to top 3 giving 3 pts to first idea, 2 to second and 1 to last one.
    Another option can be another poll with 3 options where you are allowed to vote for only one. I ask you as you are the one who proposed this idea! :D
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