Today marks the continuation of rehearsals at the Malmö Arena, where half of the fifteen acts from the second semi-final are granted another twenty minutes to refine their performances on stage. These rehearsals serve as crucial opportunities for artists to acclimate themselves to the stage and for delegations to make minor adjustments to their presentations, such as outfit changes and camera angles, in preparation for the upcoming full dress rehearsals next week.

In addition to these rehearsals, we’re also kicking off the first rehearsals for the Big 5 + Sweden, allowing each of them 30 minutes to perfect their performances. Later tonight, we’ll be treated to their TikTok moments.

Throughout the day we will continue to get new photos from the official Eurovision website and later today exclusive rehearsal 20-30 second rehearsal snippets that include broadcast camerawork.

🇲🇹 Malta got us on a Loop:

What’s evident from Sarah’s rehearsal is her unwavering commitment, evident in the abundance of dance sequences throughout her performance. The photo gallery showcases her giving her all, with shots capturing her amidst urban backdrops, including one with a window beside her. The cityscape, depicted in vibrant hues, hints at a construction site, setting the scene.

Dynamic shots featuring striking red lighting illuminate her face, accentuating her standout outfit, shimmering bodysuit catching the eye. Furthermore, tantalizing glimpses of PYRO suggest an explosive finale, promising a performance to remember.

🇦🇱 Albania shows their TITAN:

Moving on to Albania, a notable aspect of her second rehearsal is the potential outfit change, although it’s uncertain if this is a trial outfit or a permanent switch. We’ll have to wait for the third rehearsal to confirm.

Regrettably, the photos we have from the gallery aren’t particularly revealing, offering limited insight into the performance beyond the presence of three dancers and two backing vocals.

Nevertheless, an intriguing detail emerges: the absence of red, a color typically synonymous with Albanian performances. Instead, there’s a noticeable departure from tradition, with a refreshing staging that presents a new narrative.

🇬🇷 Greece debuts their ZARI and scores sixes:

It’s time to shine the spotlight on Marina Satti and her captivating rehearsal photos, offering a glimpse into what promises to be a dynamic and joyous performance. Alongside her, four dancers command the stage, with Marina herself taking center stage in various solo shots.

Her outfit remains consistent for now, but there’s always a chance for a last-minute change before the dress rehearsal. Interestingly, there’s a noticeable absence of pyrotechnics and the color blue, replaced instead by vibrant, lively hues that add a fresh energy to the stage.

🇨🇭 Switzerland shows us The Code to a great show:

Turning our attention to Nemo, the second rehearsal sheds light on their staging concept, notably featuring a dynamic moving platform. The outfit remains consistent, sans the vibrant pink feathers on their torso, opting instead for an off-white skirt reminiscent of Céline Dion’s iconic 1988 ensemble.

Switzerland’s performance similarly eschews a pirate motif, evident from the photos. Instead, smoke effects and intricate lighting play a prominent role, adding depth and visual interest to their presentation.

🇨🇿 Czechia puts us on a Pedestal of love:

Czechia is delivering a high-energy performance, showcasing their dynamic stage presence. While the stages of grief concept isn’t prominent in the rehearsal photos, it’s evident that the outfit remains unchanged, with hints of pyrotechnics adding to the spectacle.

Notably, the use of cubes, some featuring scenes filmed from a GoPro, injects a rock and roll vibe into their performance, elevating it into a captivating spectacle.

🇦🇹 Austria – We Will Rave to their electrifying rehearsal:

This rehearsal showcases a striking triangle descending from the roof to the stage, becoming an integral part of the performance. The laser show, synchronized with the screen behind her, adds depth to the arena, enhancing the visual experience.

Throughout the rehearsal, she exudes joy and energy, dancing with fervor on stage.

Shifting focus to her outfit, she dons a glamorous bodysuit adorned with stripes and cuts, exuding sophistication. While smoke effects are noticeable, there’s a notable absence of pyrotechnics in this rendition.

🇩🇰 Denmark shows how to build a castle out of SAND:

Aside from the song title, Saba’s performance prominently features the use of sand, both on stage and as a falling effect from the LED screen behind her.

The dynamic shots capture the performance in various lighting scenarios, with the backdrop transitioning between brighter and darker shades, adding depth to the visual experience.

Her outfit remains consistent, with the white attire effectively standing out against the backdrop of red, black, and orange hues, enhancing the overall aesthetic impact.

🇦🇲 Armenia mesmerizes us with Jako:

LADANIVA demonstrates how to make a big impact with minimal elements on stage. Faces on the backdrop morph into a kaleidoscope, representing her in a visually stunning manner.

Her outfit mirrors that of the video clip, with familiar faces, including the trumpeter, joining her on stage, now accompanied by a saxophonist. The performance’s color palette predominantly features yellow and orange, complemented by hints of blue reminiscent of their flag, creating a cohesive visual narrative.

🇱🇻 Latvia urges to not surrender to Hollow situations:

As we approach the final performance of semifinal two for today, it’s worth noting that the day’s rehearsals aren’t quite over, as the big five are also taking the stage. Dons makes a powerful statement in a blue torso, reminiscent of a war outfit tailored specifically for Eurovision.

Although most of the available photos focus on close-ups of Dons, we catch glimpses of a large circle behind him on stage. While details about the backdrop and lighting are scarce, one thing’s for certain: Dons looks impressive, and we anticipate more insights in the next rehearsal.

That’s all for this part of the rehearsal round up – stay tuned as we continue with the first rehearsal of the Big 5 + Sweden during the coming hours!

What do #YOU think of these new rehearsal details? Let us know on social media @ESCUnited or on our forum page!

All photos credit to EBU, Alma Bengtsson, Corinne Cumming, and Sarah Louise Bennett

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