Nothing like a Eurovision season going well ahead, with each and every day now presenting news, stories, and songs. Today, Denmark is on the line with the national broadcaster (DR) finally presenting not only the eight artists that will participate in the national final this year but also their songs.

Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2024

The 2024 edition of the Danish national final will continue the trend with eight acts participating, which has been the case since 2021. They are as follows (Alphabetical order of performer(s), along with song title):

One name that might strike out to most Eurovision fans is Basim. The now-31 year old singer is returning to the Danish stage after he represented Denmark on home soil, scoring 9th place with his song “Cliché Love Song” in 2014. As hard as it might be to imagine, his result back the  still remains as Denmark’s greatest result since their victory in 2013.

Show manager, Erik Struve Hansen, has since the defeat in Liverpool been focused on delivering a field, which will focus far more on what works at the Eurovision Song Contest, who has dealt with constant critic from both press and fans, after Denmark failed to reach the final for a 3rd year in a row.

Interesting enough, there will be no Danish to find in any of this year’s songs. Something that was quickly noticed by fans, since there has always been a small addition of Danish every year. It was however explained, that most songs that were submitted were, as expected, in English, but just that the few Danish songs that were considered, almost made the cut, but just didn’t have the potential to be one of the 8 selected songs in the end.

Meet the artists

Aura Dione

  • Probably the one with most international success of all participants. Simply known as Aura, gained national attention when she first appeared on the Danish show Popstars, back in 2001. Her national career however, first kicked-off in 2008, when she released her first album, which includes the song “I Will Love You Monday“, which peaked at 1st in Germany. Shortly after, should would score two more hit singles with “Geronimo” and “Friends” with both topping charts around Europe.


  • Known to viewers of the Eurovision Song Contest, as the guy who represented Denmark in 2014, but known to the Danes as the sweet child from X Factor’s first season. Now, not a child anymore, Basim returns with a self penned song. He has in recent years been writing more songs for new artists, rather than performing them himself, but has still shared a few songs since his Eurovision adventure.


  • CHU CHU is an artist who has been singing from a very young age, and always dreamed of competing in MGP Jr. Instead, we’ll be trying her hand at Dansk Melodi Grand Prix and looking to represent her country at the worlds biggest stage. She has been making music for many years and describes her music as a mix of Medina and Nicki Minaj. Her song “The Chase (Zoom Zoom)” was written by students at the Danish Songwriting Academy as a part of their studies.

Janus Wiberg

  • Janus is a well-known name back at home in the Faroe Islands, but has also appeared several times on Greek Television as well. As a songwriter he has worked with a number of artists like Søren Balsner, Nick Tsang, and Lewis Capaldi. Ironically both Søren and Nick came together to help his write his DMGP entry, alongside Símun Dam, Danny Baldursson and Marius Ziska.


  • RoseeLu has lived in Los Angeles following her departure from high school, where she has been songwriting for international artists. Her pop song “Real Love” was written by Anders SG, Stine Bramsen and Anders Bønløkke from the band Alphabeat and discusses the relatable feeling of wondering if something is a spark, or actually real love.


  • Saba is an entrepreneur, model, singer, and musical actress who just last year held the lead role in Copenhagen’s production of “Hair”. By participating in DMGP Saba hopes to distinguish herself as an artist, and also advance her career. Her song “Sand” was co-written by Melfest 2023 participant and “Love is Forever” songwriter Melanie Wehbe, Jonas Thander and Pil Kalinka Jeppesen.


  • A self-described introvert, Stella is not letting that stop her from achieving her dream of being a big and well-known singer. The singer is originally form Assens but moved to Copenhagen later in life, and has said that this transitionary experience was the inspiration for her entry “Sign Here“. The song was co-penned by Tim Schou who represented Denmark in 2011 as a member of A Friend in London and Søren Christensen.


  • The group can best be described as “dance-rock for queers and their peers”. They released their first single titled “The Light” back in November 2020, and has since played at various concerts all over Denmark. The group has performed at various festivales since they formed, including lots of pride related ones, and have even been in close collaboration with Sander Sanchez who came 2nd in 2020.

A special show will also be broadcasted a week before the national final, where the will be additional focus on all 8 acts. The Danish national final, Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2024, will take place in DR’s own Concert hall. The winner will be decided by a jury and the televote, with the final taking place on the 17th of February.

Now that the names and songs are out, who do #YOU like the most and do #YOU think any of them can finally pull Denmark into the final once again?
Let’s hear from #YOU on our forum site right HERE, or visit us on Facebook, X(Twitter), Instagram, Youtube, TikTok and Discord.

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