It’s Day 3 of 6 for Una Voce per San Marino, the Sammarinese national final selection for Eurovision. Today the third Semi-Final aired, where artists are battling it out for qualification spots in the top five acts. We now know 11 finalists after the Big Artists, the AI entry, and the 2 qualifiers from the last two days’ Semi-Finals. With just a few spots left, the tension was palpable. The show continued the consistency of the previous days, with a tight schedule and making sure we got through at least 30 songs within 2 hours (a Herculean task only San Marino can perform).

Below is the list of all of the artists and their songs that were shown today in running order:

1. Xada – “Shell”
2. Alessandro and Guya Canino – “Liberi tutti quanti”
3. Alunno – “Inevitabile”
4. Atwood – “Can’t Stop Me”
5. Camilla Rinaldi – “Rara”
6. Camilla Ruffini – “Mi dicono”
7. Cinzia Paoletti – “Tallone d’Achille”
8. Corde Libere – “Deserti in viaggio”
9. Cristiano Cosa – “Crescere”
10. Daiana Lou – “Trauma”
11. Eki & Katy – “Oro e diamante”
12. Elina – “Ti amo”
13. Emil Lindholm – “Try My Luck”
14. Fijord – “Giulia”
15. Ilyth – “Love”
16. Karma – “Meglio di no”
17. Lorenzo Postiglione – “Pochi eroi”
18. Malvax – “La Spezia”
19. Mark – “Return”
20. Mate – “Big Mama”
21. Mhora – “Le labbra in fumo”
22. Michela Baselice – “Abbassa la cresta”
23. Noor – “Canzone tragicomica”
24. Operapop – “Like Angels”
25. Ros-Aria – “Blu notte”
26. The Atlantis – “Heart of the Abyss”
27. The Miss – “L’enfer”
28. This is Elle – “Gold”
29. Xgiove – “Nostalgia”
(Note: Daniel Marin was among the listed participants, but was absent in the final broadcast.)

You can watch the the full semi-final production here:

After the final ad break, the top five acts were announced. Cinzia Paoletti, Corde Libere, Mate, This is Elle, and Xgiove were all announced as the top five entries based on the scores of the jury, but only one act would advance to the final. That act was Mate with the song “Big Mama“. However, Cinzia Paoletti, Corde Libere, This is Elle, and Xgiove aren’t out of the competition because of the Second Chance Round that will air on Friday, 23 February.

Una Voce per San Marino returns tomorrow with semi-final 4, where 30 new acts will compete for 1 guaranteed spot in the final and 4 second chance spots.

Are #YOU watching Una Voce per San Marino? Do you think the right entry qualified today? Are you rooting for the artists that get a Second Chance? Let us know on social media @ESCUnited, on our discord, or on our forum page!

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