After a long week of 5 semi-finals, narrowing down 129 entrants to only 9 qualifiers, the journey of Una Voce Per San Marino has finally come to a finale. With 17 acts in total made up of the 9 qualifiers and 8 prequalified entries, San Marino has made the decision to select Megara with their song 11:11!

The final was hosted by Fabrizio Biggio and Melissa Greta Marchetto and saw the following line-up:

  1. Pago – “Il Protagonista”
  2. Daudia – “With You”
  3. XGiove – “Nostalgia”
  4. Aimie Atkinson – “A Dare for Love”
  5. Dez – “Freedom”
  6. Marcella Bella – “Chi siamo davvero”
  7. Aaron Sibley – “Human”
  8. Wlady, DJ Jad, Corona & Ice MC – “Questa volta”
  9. Loredana Bertè – “Pazza”
  10. Kida – “Invincibile”
  11. Booom! – “Dance Like This”
  12. Jalisse – “Il Paradiso è qui”
  13. Mate – “Big Mama”
  14. Masala & Foresta – “Paranoia”
  15. La Rua – “Governo del cuore”
  16. Dana Gillespie – “The Last Polar Bear”
  17. Megara – “11:11”

Following a 4 and a half-hour show that included many interval acts, the hosts announced the full results. A 100% jury determined the results, and these were the results revealed on the show:

  1. Megara – “11:11”
  2. Loredana Bertè – “Pazza”
  3. La Rua – “Governo del cuore”
  4. Aimie Atkinson – “A Dare for Love”
  5. Booom! – “Dance Like This”
  6. Marcella Bella – “Chi siamo davvero”
  7. Dana Gillespie – “The Last Polar Bear”
  8. XGiove – “Nostalgia”
  9. Mate – “Big Mama”
  10. Jalisse – “Il Paradiso è qui”
  11. Masala & Foresta – “Paranoia”
  12. Daudia – “With You”
  13. Aaron Sibley – “Human”
  14. Masala & Foresta – “Paranoia”
  15. Kida – “Invincibile”
  16. Dez – “Freedom”
  17. Pago – “Il Protagonista”



Megara is a Spanish electro-rock band, who are no strangers to the Eurovision world. Just last year, they competed in the Spanish national final Benidorm Fest and finished in the 4th place. This year, they will be waving the flag for San Marino in Malmö for the 2024 edition of the contest. They will participate in the second half of the second semi-final alongside 15 other countries, hoping to make it to the final for the first time since 2021.

What do #YOU think about the results of tonight? Do #YOU think that San Marino will finally break their non qualification streak? Let us know on social media @ESCUnited, on our discord, or on our forum page!

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