Ahh, national selections. The lifeblood of the Eurovision enthusiast, the catalyst for countless debates, the endless source of all of the drama we have come to crave over the years in our beloved contest. Internal selections can, and often do, throw up some true gems with a guaranteed path to Eurovision stardom, but it’s the multi-song showcases that really grab the attention of thousands and thousands of fans across Europe and beyond.

With the internet age of the last decade or so making the national selections more accessible than ever, fans have the chance to see other countries’ offerings from the comfort of any living room or laptop screen in the continent – and as a result the debate has grown wider on which countries chose wisely and which really made the wrong choice for the upcoming contest.

This season, there were 27 of them. Each with a distinct flavour, varying degrees of scale and multiple formats for picking that one song. But as with everything, opinion is split on which works best. So we put it to #YOU – which of the selection shows leading up to Eurovision 2017 in Kiev was your favourite? There’s only one way to find out; a poll!

(Disclaimer: We know not all of these shows are national selections in the truest sense, such as San Remo, but they have been included for the sake of completion!)

Which national selection did #YOU feel was the best in the lead up to Eurovision 2017? Share your thoughts with us and make sure to vote in the poll below!

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